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From PetaPixel;


Popular Photography, the largest circulated imaging magazine that launched its first issue in May 1937 in New York City, has ceased publication after being continuously in production for 80 years. The March/April 2017 issue will be the last in print.


When print magazines close, their online counterparts often live on, but in the case of Popular Photography, PopPhoto.com will also simultaneously close (though it may stay online for a while).


“I want to take this opportunity to share this news with the entire company and the reasons behind our decision. In our most recent Town Hall, I spoke of how the pace of disruption through digital and technological advancements is unprecedented. Unfortunately, the photo industry is an example of where this disruption has forever altered the market. The rise of smartphone-camera technology and its increasing ability to capture quality photos and video and instantly share them socially has dealt the photo industry formidable challenges. For our brands, these industry challenges have left us with insurmountable losses in advertising and audience support. Despite the extraordinary efforts of our committed colleagues at Popular Photography and American Photo, as well as our best attempts corporately to find a sustainable path forward, we are simply unable to overcome these market forces.”


Eri Zinczenko


During its run, Popular Photography developed a fine system of testing cameras. Former editor John Owens said more than 10 year ago that in excess of a million dollars was spent in setting up a state of the art testing lab. Pop Photo was one of the few places where you could read in-depth camera reviews, they have been doing bench tests for a long time, and produced pretty involved reviews and they were considered fairly authoritative.

At its peak, Popular Photography had a circulation of nearly to 1 million. Today, as per the 2017 Media Kit, that number stands at 320,000. The audience was always male dominated and stands at 60%. The median age is 49.9, so millennials are missing, and that could perhaps be one of the reasons for the demise.


While I no longer picked up a copy of the magazine, it was a staple of my photographic life for many, many years.  Sad news and a reminder of how our photo industry is changing, and will surely continue to change.




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Well, last night I posted the third Vlog and I’m happy that some folks are watching them, to be honest, I enjoy doing them.  When I was taping lessons for KelbyOne, I went 6 straight classes without ever havaing to do a re-take!  One of my directors, Adam, on the first time out to shoot,  said, ” just pretend you’re teaching me and don’t see the camera!”,  it worked and I’ve never been nervous in front of a camera since.  I have to view them, after I tape them, and I don’t like watching myself very much, but the rest of the  process is actually kind of fun.


My dear brother Jim Haverstock had a suggestion and I’m going to try it!  He  had the idea that I might ask you to email me things you would like for me to address in a vlog, or a question you would like answered, I’ll collect some of them and do that for Vlog #4.  If it’s o.k for me to use your first name and initial, let me know!


I’m hopeful that theses insights are helpful, when you get to be my age, insights are among the few valuable things time has given you, and of course friends, like all of  you!




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