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This past week has been very busy with travel and praying for and being with Wes through his treatments for Lymphoma.  First and of most important to me, thank you for your prayers, Wes is working hard to get through the chemo.  His blood component levels dropped this last few days and he was back in the hospital for 6 more units of blood, but he has recovered well and is resting before round two of chemo.  He continues to soldier on, and your payers are vital, so again, thank you!!!



The Bill Fortney’s Photo Vlog:  I just posted the 6th Vlog last night and I’m pleased that so many of you are enjoying them.  I get a number of email questions and this has been a good way to answer those questions directly to all who might be interested.  To find them, simply go to Youtube and search for Bill Fortney’s Photo Vlog and it will direct you to my channel, please subscribe and if you find them helpful, please give us a LIKE!



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This coming week I will be in Austin, Texas for the Precision Camera University Weekend!  I’m looking forward to beign w ith a bunch of students and working together to improve our vision and technique!!!  I have to be honest, I’m really looking forward to a trip to Hutz Burgers with Dudley Hawthorne too!!!!


My sincere thanks to the great folks at Bedford Camera in Oklahoma City.  the event was a truly a blast and their people were very nice!  I also got to spend a day and evening with Joe (McNally) and  Anne (Cahill).  Joe will be in Kentucky with me early this coming week to attempt to do some coal miner photographs, hope he is prepared for culture shock!!!  They were in London when the attack happended but are safe!  Please pray for them!



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Next up for Jack and I is the first of two Fujifilm X-Photographer Summits this year.  This one will be April 5-9 in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  If it’s early April, my heart is always in the Smokies!!!!






You may remember this example from my previous post in the GFX vs the X-T2 post.  A good friend a great shooter Sam Garcia, noticed something that I should have caught, the X-T2’s slightly softer image of the example above,  might have been because the focusing was slighty off, I will try some more examples the next time I get my hands on a  GFX, needless to say the GFX proved to be fantastic, but the X-T2 really held it’s own too!!!!  I am pretty sure a GFX will be at the event next week, so round two, I hope, is coming up!!!!



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I posted a while back about this fantastic trio of f 2 lenses from Fujifilm, and I’ve now had a few weeks to work with them.  My first impression has only grown more glowing, they are all stellar glass, and a joy to work with, given their size and compactness.  I often find myself just taking these three lenses out and rarely miss anything longer or shorter, quite a statement from a certified lens freak!!!!


Once again look how sharp the 50mm f 2 is (75mm equiv.)!


GFX full bike


Well, that’s it for now, I will check in mid next week after Joe and I do some coal mining photography!   Thanks again so much for the prayers, please keep them up!!  Our family loves you guys and your faithfulness is such a blessing to us!   Wes sends his love and deep and sincere thanks, he says he really feels the prayers!




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