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If you’re tired of seeing my latest plans for packing gear, just skip this one, but don’t hope that this madness will end soon!!  I finally figured it out.  You buy gear, and more gear and more and finally you have more gear than will fit in even the largest bag that any two men can lift!!!!  O.K. it’s not quite that bad, but you do end up with a lot “specialized” things that won’t fit in a resonable size bag.  For me a rasonable size bag can’t weight more than 30 lbs.  That is the limit of what I’m comfortable putting in the overhead bin.  So the most recent plan is as follows.  If I go somewhere and expect to shoot a wide variety of subjects, like a nature workshop or travel assignment I will take my rolling Think Tank Advantage bag that weighs in at 29 lbs (illustrated above).  It contains the following  gear:


2 – Fujifilm X-T2s  (one with Power Booster)_

The folowing lenses:

14mm f 2.8

10-24 f 4

23mm f 1.4

18-135 f 3.5-6.6

56mm f 1.2

60mm Macro f 2.4

55-200 f 3.5-4.6

200mm Micro Nikkor f 4

100-400 f 4.5-5.6

1.4 Teleconverter


For  coverage of from 15mm to 840mm and Macro work!



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The second bag is a Lowepro Flipside Sport 10L AW that hold my “Speed System”  This would be used where single focal length lenses and rangefinder type cameras work best; travel, street, people and family  images.  This is also my go to system when working in low or available light.  This bag weighs in at only 10 lbs, and contains:


2 – Fujjifilm X PRO 2 bodies

16mm f 1.4

23mm f 2

35mm f 2

50mm f 2

90mm f 2


For a coverage of from 24mm to 135mm


All bag plans are simply experiements and using them in the field will tell if it is the right combination and what, if anything, is missed in the field.   Just to be specifiic I also have a 8mm fisheye, 27mm f 2.8 and 35mm f 1.4  and when driving I will have them salted away, but none made the cut to be a primary tool in these two bags.


Hope that was helpful, if not forgive me for my never ending obsessions!!!!




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