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I am a huge user of Amazon, I’m even a Prime member!!!  I really like being able to find something I can’t find anywhere else, and have it in a couple days!  Fortunately I never bought one of these, if I had bought one, it would now be in the garbage, in pieces after I smashed it with repeated stomps under my best heavy boots.


Louder Crouder, an intenet vlogger got one and starting asking it questions.  When he asked who Mohammad was Alexa gave a long descriptive and rather glowing description of the prophet in historical context.  However, when Steve asked Alexa who Jesus Christ was she simply said, “a fictional character!”


Come to think of it, if I had bought one of these things I would have backed my SUV over it!  Disagreeing with someone in a civil manner is one thing, but the ultra left is rewriting history the way they “wish” it were!  Watch your back, we are enterilng a terrible time in our history in America, if you love your country you are now branded a dangerous nationalist!  Conservatives are now Nazis, give me a break!


Pray for America everyday, while we still have an America to pray for!!!!




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I often watch a film I missed in the theaters when working in my office, this one I had to stop working, make it full screen and watch it intently!  I highly recommend this film, I’m a big fan of Kevin Sorbo’s work, and this is one of  his best!




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Sadly, the The Great Smoky Mountains Photography Summit will not be held in the fall of 2018.  The Tremont Lodge is in the process of changing ownership, and it was not possible to seure another location that could accommodate our usual group of 100 to 200 attendees.


Since Jack and I run our own workshops in the Great Smokies in this time frame each year and the week of October 31st to November 4th is open, Jack Graham and I will offer an opprotunity for a limited number of photographers to still join us during this time!  If the Summit returns, and I’m sure it will,  those dates will be available next year for that event to return!!!!  This is a special, one time event!


IMPORTANT:  We will be using the Highland Mannor Inn and their meeting room though nice will only accomodate around 30 people. Registration will be very limited!!!!  I you would like to join Jack and I and another soon to be announced great instructor contact Jack at out Fujifilm Summit website for all the details:


Dates:  October 31st to November 4th




So how would this differ from the Smoky Mountain Summits?  First smaller numbers means more personal attention, more meals and gatherings with everyone included.  Jack’s and my Workshops include intensive critque sessions and more time in the field working side by side with our groups.  Though this is a Fujifilm Summit, shooters of all brands are welcome and will benefit, and if you’re curious about the Fuji System this is a gerat place to get hands on experience with their gear, and we plan to have Fujifilm cameeras and lenses to loan to participants who wish to check them out!



So,, if you are having withdawl with no Summit this year, please consider coming and spending a few days with some old friends and we can enjoy the Smokies together until we get the Summit back up and running hopefully in 2019!


Please remember this is limited to 30 people on a first come – first serve basis!

The Higland Manner Inn has offered a very good $109. rate and gets a 4.5 rating from Trip Advisor!  Their Website:


The registration fee for the Fujifilm Summit is $699.


Contact Jack and register ASAP, please be with us for this great time in the Smokies!!!




the pilgrim


Our Registration Website!