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I am a huge user of Amazon, I’m even a Prime member!!!  I really like being able to find something I can’t find anywhere else, and have it in a couple days!  Fortunately I never bought one of these, if I had bought one, it would now be in the garbage, in pieces after I smashed it with repeated stomps under my best heavy boots.


Louder Crouder, an intenet vlogger got one and starting asking it questions.  When he asked who Mohammad was Alexa gave a long descriptive and rather glowing description of the prophet in historical context.  However, when Steve asked Alexa who Jesus Christ was she simply said, “a fictional character!”


Come to think of it, if I had bought one of these things I would have backed my SUV over it!  Disagreeing with someone in a civil manner is one thing, but the ultra left is rewriting history the way they “wish” it were!  Watch your back, we are enterilng a terrible time in our history in America, if you love your country you are now branded a dangerous nationalist!  Conservatives are now Nazis, give me a break!


Pray for America everyday, while we still have an America to pray for!!!!




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