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We find ourselves in a country severely divided.  I’m not going ot take sides but will offer a solution, a “key” if you will, on how to unlock peace and a united front.  Now if you are person of faith this will work for you, if you’re not, sorry, I can’t tell you what to do!  Without God’s promises, we are all hopeless!


It’s simple, God is in control, and even when it appears the situation has even escaped Him, that’s not true.  Nothing happens without His permission, so we can be sure that whatever we are facing, He will bring some good from it!  God never said our lives would be a bed of roses, but He did promise He would sustain us through any situation.


I could not face another day if I did not believe, with all my heart, that as long as I’m focused on Him, it will all be o.k.  The most important thing to know is that you are standing by Him and with Him, and trusting Him!




the pilgrim