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The last week of September a small group of us will be touring the beautful South Dakota Hill country!  We have a small group of six people and will limit the trip to 10.  Jack Graham and I will lead this tour and trust me it is a great landscape area, few have discovered!  It is a 6 day tour starting noon Tuesday, September 25th ending Sunday the 30th.  We will spend two days inthe Badlands National Park, an amazing landscape!  Then we will travel to Spearfish, S.D. and shoot in Custer State Park, Spearfish Canyon and the Black Hills!


Here are some of the wonderful areas you will enjoy!


The Black Hills


Spearfish Falls in Spearfish Cany0n!


Stream in Custer State Park


Prairie Dogs in the Prairie Dog Town in the Badlands.


More spectacular peaks in the Badlands!


Consider joining us and contact Jack at:  jackgrahamphoto.com




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