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You’re never too old to be a child again!  This is Chester, my new American Golden Retriever puppy, sorta, kinda!  Actually, Chester hasn’t been conceived yet, and I hope it’s happening soon!  I have two breeders that are expecting puppies by mid to late November and I’m going to bring an 8 week old male puppy home with me then from one of those litters, then Chester will be a reality.  I’ve wanted a Golden for years!  My son Wesley had two and I loved both of them dearly and of course the legendary Roscoe, Jack Graham’s buddy for years, (we lost him a few weeks ago to hip displacia)!  Oh how I loved Roscoe, and I truly believe he loved me too, but then Golden’s love everybody so I probably should not be so confident about that!


Anticiapation is a great thing!  I have been getting ready, I have a puppy bed, crate, feeding bowls, chew toys, pull toys, collars and leashes.  Dog shampoo, flea collars, nail clippers, stuffed toys, doggy tennis balls, etc. etc!  I’ve watched a bunch of of dog training videos and cute Golden Retriever puppy, youtube videos.  It is safe to say that I’m excited.


Chester, why Chester?  A number of years ago I saw a film that had become one of my favorites, The Kid, a Disney film starring Bruce Willis. It was a comedic and serious role for him and, I think, one of his best roles! A Golden Retriever named Chester was a big part of that film and that added to my desire to have one as my friend.


Why not before now?  Well, Sherelene is working full time as a nurse practioner, and as you guys know I have  traveled a lot most of my career. Sherelene’s deal with me was that when I started to really slow down, we would be ready for a dog.  Next year I’m only doing 7 events with Jack and I have all this winter off, until March, so there is time to give Chester all the time and attention a puppy needs to adjust and get trained.  So this is the right time!  Can’t wait!



I will blog photos and videos when the blessed event happens!




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