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I got an email that was disturbing for me.  Someone, who will not be named, suggested that I was in the tank for Fuji after reading my review of the new 200mm f 2 lens.  It’s fair that if you blog and share your “opinions” that someone might think you have ulterior motives.  So please let me address this criticism up front.


When I was asked to be a Fujifilm X-Photographer, I was honored, but before I accepted I asked one question, “Do you expect me to promote your products, or may I continue to be totally honest about my opinions on any equipment or service from Fujifilm?”  The only reason I said yes, was they said, “we would not want you to be anything but honest and up front about our products or services.”


The only reason I blog is to serve My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to share His love with others and to share about photography and other interests in my life.  I get no special favors from any manufacturers who make the products i reviews or share about.  Fujifilm does allow X-Photographers to buy some of their lenses and bodies at a discount.  When the X-T2 came out they gifted a body with our names as the serial number to each X-Photographer.  In spite of these kinds of acts on Fujifilm’s part, I would never review a product favorably because of my friendship with or association with Fujifilm.


Let me tell you why.


When I was a tech rep for Nikon I knew that if I was always honest with my clients and they came to know they could trust me, I could truly help them.  The moment they would have discovered that I was lying on behalf of the company, I would have lost all credibility with them and could no longer help them or Nikon!  That’s why I never lied to them, or  have I ever lied to any of you.


The reason I chose the picture above is that I know that is how Jack feels and in this image of us we look pretty serious, and we are, we hold each other to that personal standard.  I also owe it to my wife, my children, grandchildren and dear friends that expect only the best of me.  Nothing that could ever be given to me could ever be enough for me to sell out my integrity,  just to get it!


I promise you  that when you come to this blog, you will get my honest opinions and feelings, I will not lie to you or ever try to misguide you.  I hope most of you that come here already know that, if you don’t I’ve failed you and all the others that have honored me by coming here for information and inspiration!


You can take that to the bank!




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My dear buddy, John Gompf asked about the bokeh, so, here is a couple of examples. This is the 200mm f 2 at f 2, of a subject with distractions right behind it,  within inches,  a tough task and the 200mm f 2 makes the background buttery smooth.


By contrast this image below is the 100-400 shot wide open at f 4.5 still a nice images  but the background definitely inserts itself!



That is the difference!




the pilgrim