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In my first two weeks with Chester, he is training me well!  Raising a puppy is a great and exhausting experience, but it has it’s rewards and Chester is teaching me valuable life lessons!


Number One:   Love is born out of trust.  Chester loves me, and he trusts me and I don’t think those two things can be separated!  It’s not just that he knows I will feed him and put out his water, walk him when he needs to go outside, but that he knows I will be there and he cannot be afraid that I will leave him.  When we brought him home we knew being seperated from his litter mates and mother he would be insecure and afraid.  I slept next to  him for several nights, stroking him and assuring him I was still there!  When we moved into the crate at bedtime I still laid at  his door and talked to him before he went to sleep.  We all need that in our lives, we need to know that we are not alone and that somone is there for us. My Lord and my wife have been those for me, I will be that for Chester.


Number Two:  The assurance of love is a constant, never ending need.  I make it a point ot spend quiet time with Chester everytime I catch him in a “non-frantic” mood.  I pet him and talk to him and assure him that he is my buddy.  Jack told me to talk to him just like I would talk to any other person, and I do, and it really works, he may not understand the words but he understand my voice and the tone and I can see that he believes me.


Number Three:  We all need our space.  Sometimes after some cuddling and petting, Chester will wander off to another corner of the couch and bury himself under a pile of pillows or a cool spot on the leather and fall asleep.  He wants to be with us, but he also wants to rest on his own, after all, he is wearing a fur coat all the time!


Number Four:  We all are more pleasant after a good workout.  Sadly with my back I have a hard time doing  that anymore but I can remember what a high it was to exhaust myself in physical activity.  Chester really needs that as a puppy, and the more he runs and frolics and tires himself, the happier he is, even at rest!


Number Five:  A best buddy is wonderful thing!  Jack Graham and Jim Haverstock have both been best buddies and Carl Turner too and, of course my bride, Sherelene.  There have been others too, but in our lives very few, really.  A best buddy is someone you are completely happy to just be with, hang out with, even be silent, knowing they understand you, that you understand them and a deep love and respect is there at all times between you.  If you have that in life you are truly a blessed person!  Chester is going to be a great buddy!


As Christmas nears, I wish you love, peace, happiness and some time with a best buddy!




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