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Pondering about how you can really place this source in your paper is effortlessly the most significant part this approach. Usually a number of the notions and sentences generated within the pre writing phase simply do not function within the last essay, so they might be lost. That is undoubtedly the most significant component the essay writing process. This third stage will probably be the most time-consuming element of writing however it truly is vital to the strategy. Considering the controlling verb expression,”Discuss how,” indicates the composition will have to supply a procedure to follow along with, plus it’ll have to take chronological sequence consequently. The name of the procedure article should be enlightening and tell the readers what type help in writing an essay of procedure will shortly be examined inside it. It truly is crucial to say each of the info regarding the process to earn the readers fully understand its substance.

Request the viewer to take action at the conclusion of the backup.

As a way to bring in a first-class procedure composition the author should provide fundamental process background info Do not make an effort to compose a succinct procedure essay about something which wants an operating instructions. An excellent way to create a process article logical will be to determine a proper assortment of measures within the approach together with the problems of every measure. Studying trials of numerous IELTS jobs are able to help you recognize the differences between each sort of job including allow you to understand the terminology and structure required for every specific project. Custom essay writing hails from analyzing different angles around that one certain theme. I’ve spoke about these 3 essays at length on my site Here’s a straightforward guide to essay writing. 10,000 for a level more elaborate 2000- phrase essay and become paid for alterations. Here’s a straightforward procedure article about how to recover an e mail concept within the pc laboratories. To be able to write an excellent opinion essay, you got to follow these 3 steps. Obtaining sample article is really not a tricky job.

Once it has been accomplished make sure that your writing is perfect by double-checking anything.

There’sn’t any way within this hub to anticipate most of the possible foci that could be required in composition requests, but it might note how to find them–and readily. The school application question has become the most essential component the article. Unfortunately there’s no sure fire means of writing a college entrance essay. Furthermore, school admissions officials may tell you the previous entrance essay that’s examined has a far more hard time being real and identifying in comparison with the initial one which is reviewed. It was an entire assertion that’s eye catching but still communicates the entire subject of the article. This will definitely make the essential bones and synopsis of your own article. Clearly, one particular alternative to rapidly comprehend what precisely is needed for the mode of essay you’ve been requested to compose would be to find some sort of sample essay composing to utilize as helpful tips.

Rather, make use of the “call in” technique.

Use this complete composition structure to create a comprehensive outline for your own documents. The initial composition is just compared to itself. That’s because they may be still not certain how to approach essay writing. This phrase is vital and is intended to focus your essay. Many scholars believe they have to use massive words inside essays.

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This weekend I will be attending and speaking at the Southeastern Photojournalism Conference in Nashville, TN.  I’m always thrilled to attend this conference and this year I get to be a part of something very special  a Lifttime Achievement Award for Dr. Charles Stanley!  We will also be    joined by Ricky Skaggs who will also make a presentation!!!


I will share images and news from the conference over the weekend!


What a blessing,


the pilgrim

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Boy, did I get emails!!!!!  Fair enough, let me address them.  Am I a member of the bag of the month club?  You bet, in good standing too!  I thought you used a rolling bag, do you?  Yes, when I travel by air and have to walk through airports, you bet, a rolling bag is the easiest to mange. What are the Donke bags for?  Glad you asked.  I love the Jim Domke inspired canvas bags, they are such a part of my heritage as a shooter.  When I was a photojournalist, long long ago in a galaxy far far away, I used the famous Domke F-2 bag to carry two Nikons and four lenses, almost everybody did.  It was actually the official bag of the White House Press Photographers Association, of which I was once a member!  That bag is still a mainstay for photojournlists using mostly Nikons and Canons, (translation big bulky DSLRs and lenses).


When I went to the Fujifilm X System (mirrorless) I need smaller bags with smaller compartments to match my new lighter and smaller system.  I was thrilled that some of Jim Domke’s smaller bags were a perfect fit!


Why a three bag system.  Let’s clear this up, when I travel in my SUV which is by far, by way far, my favorite way to travel.  I prefer smaller bags that I can actually carry if I need to.  These Domke bags are perfect and I have broken them into three catagories;


Domke F-6   Field Work Bag   (Range 15mm – 200)

Most coverage regardless of  bulk and weight.


X-H1 body

X-T3 or X-T2 body

10-24 f 4

18-135 f 3.5-5.6

16mm f 1.4

60mm f 2.4 Macro & Ext tubes




Domke F-5XB   People/Speed Bag   (Range 35mm – 85)

Avaialble light, people and low light work.


X-Pro 2 Body

23mm f 2

56mm f 1.2





Domke F-803   Travel  Bag   (Range 27mm – 300)

Most coverage at the least bulk and weight. Small and portable.


X-H1 or X-T3

27mm f 2.8

18-55  f 2.8-4

50mm f 2

55-200 f 3.5-4.8


By having these “systems” pre-packed I can grab the one that suites where I’m going and packed with what I know I will need.  Of coure any of this can be altered if the assignment, most of mine now are self assignments,  changes.


I still using rolling cases for air travel, and I still have special bags when the need arises, too many in fact, but this is a system that I think will work for me!


What about the beloved 100-400  It in a very nice padded Think Tank lens case all to itself, and it will always be be in the SUV with me!


Food for thought, please chime in your ideas, thoughts and questions!




the pilgrim

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I love collaborations!  Domke and Fujifilm have teamed up to release a few camera bags celebrating the X-Series of cameras and lenses. When the X-H1 was released they offered a Domke F-803 Messenger bag with leather accents devoted to Fujifilm!  I missed the chance to get one but my fairy godmother at Fujifilm was able to locate one for me!  Thanks so much, my friend!!!!


My relationship with Domke goes all the way back to when Jim Domke, a former Philadelphia Enquirer photographer acquaintance of mine had a camera bag made for his needs.  Other photojournalists saw it and clamored for him to make them one too.  The rest is history, the Domke bags, (there are many models now), are treasured by working photojournalists across the globe.


This is a beautiful sand colored, waxed canvas bag that should hold up to long hard use. It will be perfect for trips that I don’t want to carry a lot of gear but “just enough”!  Strangely after all these years my most used lenses for this kind of trip are still my 18-55 and the 55-200, both compact, cover a great range and are tack, tack sharp.  I’ve added the 50mm f 2 Fujicron, (X-users slang, not an official Fujifilm term!) which has become one of my favorite compact lenses!  The X-T3 is, now,  my go to body and it is at the zenith of the X bodies!


The Domke bag has beautiful leather accents on the interior flaps and a leather I.D. holder plus a good sturdy, slip proof, strap the goes all the way around the bag! That’s the way all bags should be made!





Loaded up with the gear mentioned above plus 4 extra batteries, a charger, filters (polarizers & closeup diopters for the 50mm), and lens wipes weighs in at 8 lbs.  Just right for walking around!





This bag is still available on Amazon for $199. which, in my opinion, is a great deal for a bag of this quality and utility. I will be using this bag on my trip to Nashville for Southeastern Photojournalism Conference and to Old Car City for a X-T3 sample shoot!




the pilgrim