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When manufacturers are constanty bringing out new models and we are buying them, why would you keep the older model it replaced?  Above are my current three most used cameras in the Fujifilm X Series (the only brand I own)!  Left to right; The new X-T3, the X-Pro 2, and the X-H1. Each of these camera sits at the top of their respective model line.  I also have my X-T2 and an original graphite X-T1, and a compact X-30.  Why did I keep those previous cameras?


(1)  They are still very usable for the kind of work I do.  Why sell something that can be and still is used.  If I go out and decide to work with the X-T3 as my main body, then the X-T2 is an almost identical back-up camera body.  Though the X-T3 has advances, the X-T2 is still a very capable back-up or extra body!.


(2)  Special uses.  I love the X-Pro 2 and I love to use it for personal travel, teamed up with the three Fujicrons, (23 f 2, 35 f 2, and 50 f 2) it is a great system for travel, light and the lens are tack sharp!  With the addition of a 16mm f 2.8 coming it also will cover a great range.  I  have been begging Fujifilm to make a 70mm f 2.5  (105mm f 2.5 equiv.!!!!) On a serious trip where you may need more reach the 55-200 fits this system very well, and is still light and very sharp!  Sometimes I also just love the optical viewfinder!


(3)  Used prices.  I just don’t have the heart to give a way a perfectly good camera body for sub $500.  I would rather give an older body to someone just starting out to help them get started.


(4)  Personal attachment.  The X-T2 that I have was a gift to  X-Photographers, with our last names as the serial number, kinda neat, and i can’t part with that!!!   My X-T1 Graphite was a gfit from a very dear friend at Fujifilm when I did a series of video interviews for Japan, at the corporate office. I still think the X-Pro 2 and original X-T1 have the best Graphite colorization, love them both.  Would love to have an  X-T3 in that Graphite color.


(5)  Good loaners.  I teach workshops and sometimes someone has a body go down or needs to borrow a camaera, so this way,  I have some bodiesthat I can loan in emergencies.


(6)  I just like camera bodies!  Go figure!


(7)  Date night camera!  When Sherelene and I are traveling and we go out for the evening heaven forbid that I had a chance ot make an image, but had no camera.  The little Fujifilm X-30 is a pocket size (big pocket) camera that still makes great images when you don’t want to be burdened with a  bigger camera and bag.


I would love to know why you keep older models, shoot us all a note below!!!




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