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Fujifilm kindly sent X-Photogaphers a very nice thank you gift, a new Tenba Roadie Air Case 21!  This case is a beautuful rolling airport case that fits overhead on all planes, but regional jets.  When it doesn’t fit overhead it is made of a side wall construction of material that is virtually crush proof, yet light.  The bag closed up does not look like a camera bag, more like a nice suitcase.  It is made of very good materials and holds a lot of gear, including a laptop on top your camera bodies and lenses, (illustrated below).  I wrap my lenses and bodies in Tamrac Goblin bags for added protection while flying (ultrasonic vibrations).



As i said, it looks like a high quality, rolling suitcase.  As loaded above it weighs in at, 32 lbs.  Just about my limit to place in the overhaead compartment!!!!


Thanks Fujifilm, I look forward to using it on Landscape, and Nature workshops!  As packed it covers from 15mm to 820mm of lens coverage.  Somewhere in there is a TC-14 telconverter and the new 16mm f 2.8 lens also!!!!




the pilgrim!