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I got an email and I thought I should answer it for everyone;

“We know you own almost every one of Fujifilm’s lenses, why do you carry the ones in this case, and not others?”  W.K.  Pittsburgh


First and importantly this is the case I will use when I fly to locations to do landscape, travel, nature and closeup work. I will start from the widest and go to the longest lenses.


The XF 10-24 f4.  This is my go to wide angle zoom.  It covers an effective range of from 15mm to 36mm. It is razor sharp and has Image stabilization.


Next is the XF 16mm f 2.8.  A very compact part of the Fujicron lens line.  Compact, super sharp and very easy to carry.


My most used lens is the  XF 18-135.  It is very sharp, and focuses close.  Among the most versatile of Fujifilm’s lenses I could travel with only this one lens if I had to!


In a Tenba lens pouch I carry the XF 23mm f 2, XF 35mm f 2, and the XF 50mm f 2.  These compact lenses cover all the mid range focal lengths from 35mm to 75mm.  Like all the Fujicrons (my term), these are all extremely sharp!  They work perfectly for travel work.


For closeup work I cary the Fujifilm 80mm Macro f 2.8.  This is the sharpest Macro lens I’ve ever used even sharper than the legendary Nikon 200mm Macro.


My long lens is the XF 100-400 which is an effective 150mm to 600mm lens, this is further stretch with TC-14 Teleconverter to an effect 840mm!  The 100-400 is exceptionally sharp and the Image stabilization works remarkably well.


I own the  16mm f 1.4, but it is larger than the f 2.8, I have the 18-55 and 55-200 both of which are great for travel, but didn’t make the cut for this bag.  The 56mm f 1.2 is incredible but large and the 50mm f 2 is still remarkable and compact!


So that is why I outfitted this bag with those lenses!  My two bodies are the Fujifilm X-H1 and the X-T3.


In the fall, when it becomes available I may replace the 18-135 with the new 16-80 f 4, after I test it and see if it can replace the 18-135.




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