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On Tueday of this week I started to have severe chest pains and had to take a couple of nitro glycerin tablets to relieve the pain.  This was repeated again on Wednesday, and two more nitro tablets, this time my daughter Catherine who manages our local Baptist Heath Cardiology office insisted, more like ordered me, in for an exam!  I went in and was immediately hospitalized and scheduled for a heart cath the folowing morning.


Long story short, that beautfiul young lady above, with the old man, saved his life. Dr. Subramaniyam did the heart cath and found that my left anterior descending artery was 99% blocked.  Often called, the widow maker, because heart attacks from this arteries being blocked are most often fatal!  As he stated it I was hours or days away from a fatal heart attack.  Fortunatey he cleared the blockage and placed a stint in that part of the artery, so you could say he and Catherine both saved my life!


I’m sharing this becaue I want to thank Dr. Subra and the excellent medical team that gave me a second chance to stick around and serve my maker for a few more years, and to thank my daughter for lovingly insisting I get this checked out, which I woudn’t have done without here insistence!


I certainly want to thank my Lord for steering me to the help I needed and giving me a little more time to clear up some very imporant assignments he has me working on!  I am ready and anxious to be with my Lord in paradise, but I want it to be in His timing. plus I would like to think Sherelene and Chester would miss me!?




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