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Yesterday inspired me to seek out a few other spots the locals, heck I’m a local, advised me to try!  Mo’s Diner on Highway 6 in Woodbine was reported to have great burger so, of course, I swung by today and had one of  their offerings, this time I decided to go for a double and was it ever a mouthful and delicious!!!!!  Cooked on a flat top grill, nice and juicy, 8 ounces of fresh ground beef per patty, a heck of an offering!


I now will have to go back to G&E and give them another shot with their double cheeseburger!



As of today Mo’s reigns supreme with a 5.2 pickle burger!!!  On toip fo all that I understand our old favorite Bob’s Burgers in London is re-opening, so I will have to see if it is still a  5.0 pickle burger as well, it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!  I’m glad to make the sacrifice for you guys!  Stay tuned, it’s getting exciting!




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