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This had been one great week for Cheeseburgers, already.  I decided to try some of the favorite cheeseburger of my friends, in our area, and it was a worthy trip.  Today I got taken back to a magical moment in my cheeseburger hunting history.  All the way back to Moab, Utah and Milt’s Stop and Eat, still to this day, one of my very favorite cheeseburgers in America!  The home of the greatest cheeseburgers are almost always drive up, drive in joints.  The Highland Park Drive is on 25w just outside of Williamsburg is such a wonderful place. As you can see, it says that Bonnie and Gorman Wilson have been serving their cusotmers for over 4o years!  God Bless em’ I hope they hang in there for 40 more!


So to the rating, this burger compares favorably to Milt’s in Moab!  This is the new champion in our county, a 5.3 pickle burger which makes it one of the 10 best in all of America!  perfectly cooked and seasoned on a steel grill, all the fixins’ were perfect and it was a substanial burger, I won’t eat for another day while this one settles in!  I didn ‘t ask Gorman how he seasoned the meat, but he sure did something, it was really well prepared!


In fairness for the last two days after finishing a burger at G&E Burgers and Mo’s Diner I doubted anything could top them, they were truly wonderful burgers.  I will visit them both again for a second attempt, but this one from Highland Park, well it was simply marvelous!



When I gave Gorman my website address he said, ” Thank you so much and have a blessed day”, brother, and suspect you are one, you, Bonnie and your team,   blessed my day even more!  I will see you again!  Please visit them, you will thank me!!!!


Now I need to go lie down and digest a great burger!!




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