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This will be a short review of Fujifilm’s newest camera, the Fujifilm X-S10.  I just had a great gathering of friends in the Great Smokies last week and at the last minute called my contact at Fujifilm and asked if we might could get one of these new cameras to show it around.  Let me be clear, I had no real inerest in the camera, I have a pair of X-H1 bodies that are my two main bodies when I go out to do serious work. I have an X100V for travel and casual work and that was all I needed.


I promised to shoot some images for Fujifilm’s use so I set up the camera with the custom functions I needed, (below), and proceeded to shoot with it for the next five days.  * NOTE:  THIS IS A PRE-PRODUCTION SAMPLE CAMERA WITHOUT THE LATRST FIRMWARE.




I put a universal L bracket on it so I could shoot from a tripod and give it a fair chance!  In a very short time I fell in love with this little gem!  Let me tell you why I found it so compelling!


  1.  The grip is very much like the X-H1 which is my favorite of all the X series Fujifilm cameras.

2.  The shutter release is in the identical position as the X-H1 and has the same very soft touch!

3.  The Shutter is very quiet, again just like the X-H1!

4  Like the X-T4 and the X-T3 it has the same 26 megapixel, back light illuminated sensor and the same X4 processor!

5.  Like the X-H1 and the X-T4 it offers 5 way image stabilization that works fantastic when shooting handheld!

6.  Instead of an exposure compensation dail and a ISO selection dial it has two rotary dials that you can set for any funtion you desire.  I set the sample camera up that Fujifilm sent me with the right dial as the compensation dial and the left dial for setting ISO, jsut like on an X-T3 or X-T4.

7.  For those intersted in video, this camera has very high end specs and makes wonderful video files!


I found the autofocus to be great, the fold out LCD panel while slightly lower resolution than the X-T3 or X-T4 was still more than adequate and worked great.

Same with the viewfinder it was slightly lower resoluton but if never affected my image making.



All in all, I really love this little camera.  It is super capable and at a price of just under $1,000. for the body only, it is a remarkable value. The fact that if feels and operates so much like the X-H1s I use, it will be a natural for carrying around!  When mated with the 16 f 2.8. 23 f 2, 35 f 2 and the 50 f 2 Fujicrons, (my term not Fujifilm’s),  it makes a wonderfully small and capable package!



So  the camera that was not of much interest to me, is soon to have a place in my kit!!!!




the pilgrim




All images with the Fujifim X-S10 and the XF 16-80 f 4 mid range zoom, except the mist rising from the mountains, that was made with the XF 100-400 f 4.5-5.6.