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Every early November our family goes down to Lake Santeela in North Carolina to hike one of Wesley’s favorite trails in the Joyce Kilmer National Forest.  this year most of our family was able it join us for  great weeend of food, family, fun and remembering Wes!


Above, left to right front row, Abigail Fortney, Diane Fortney holding Kozmo, Sherelene Forntey, Rhonda Fortney and Catherine Moore.  Back row, Scott Fortney, Ben Fortney, Elijah Fortney,  Cade Moore, Clint Moore and the pilgrim.



The family gathered at the bald at the top of the trail head!


The first night we had a beautiful sunset over the lake.



The folowing morning fog on the lake.



I had some fun shooting patterns with the X-S10.



We all had a wonderful time remmbering Wes and loving on each other!




the pilgrim