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After a very windy day Sunday the winds died down today and we had brilliant sunny sky, so….time to go flying!  This was my second flight with the DJI Mini 2 and I concentrated on stills, getting use to the new drone.  Above, while driving into our subdivision I notced how the aftenoon light was throwing long shadows of some big pine trees.  Surely that would be interesting from directly above them!  I’ll let you be the judge, but it was fun!





Next I went to shoot an old favorite aerial spot of mine, you may remember this shot from a year or two ago  A local church has three wooden crosses in a grassy field just off our local road.  In late afternoon the shdows are perfect!  Above I shot it tight and then climbed to a higher altitude to shoot it again with a slightly different composition.  As a Christian the Cross has extraordinary meaning for me, and I love this shot because of both the subject and the play of light!





Finally as I was flying back to my landing location I saw this road come into view and a car came through the frame, so I went back and hovered with the road cutting a diagonal line through the frame and waited for another car to go through, several came down the road but  this was my avorite, wish it had been a red corvette convertible!!!


So I will continue to look for some images, I promise to try and make them better each time out!!  Next time I will start to look for some graphic designs!!


Thanks for flying along with me!!





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