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During our UP workshop we visited one of our favorite locations but it was sunny day and the light was killing us!  This pine forest often has a few very colorful small softwood trees scattered among the pines and it is,  on a cloudy, overcast or foggy day a fantastic location.  On this day it was snot!!!!  looking at the shot above everyone was asking is there “Anything we can do?”  I suggested we all was around to the back side of the tree so that the tree trunks would all be back lit and the leaves of the red tree will be too!  The shot below was the result!



Much better!  And now some images of what you can get when the conditions are perfect, from previous trips to the UP!



All shoot within the past four years of trips to the UP!  Perfect light, perfect conditions and great subjects, can how can you loose!  It’s why we keep going back!




the pilgrim