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After Sunset from Clingman’s Dome.


This past weekend I joined Jack Graham, Carl Turner and Dr. Tony Rogers in the Great Smoky Mountains for a little photographic R&R.  Tony was my thoracic surgeon for my heart valve replacement, when I found out he was interested in photography we have struck up a great friendship.  I also soon discovered that he is a very committed Christian so, as you can imagine, that deepened our friendship even more.  I have been helping him get ready to get deeper into photography and this trip was our first outing to put all that to work!  I wanted Carl and Jack to come along as they are also not only great photography friends but dear brothers in the Lord!


I have been praying of weeks about this weekend, as you know the Smokies in Summer is not the best time to go to photograph, but I have been praying that our light and conditions would help us out!  Boy, did God ever come through.  i almost never gets every condition and the kind of light I hope for, but this weekend everything was near perfect.  We got a great sunset from Clingman’s Dome parking lot Friday night, fog in Cades Cove Saturday morning and perfect water levels up stream in Tremont. I was really proud of Tony, for his first outing, he knocked it out of the park!  I will share some of his images and I think you will agree, that he is learning this new skill set fast!  Since we met back in May he has been doing a lot of study and was well prepared to try out his new skills! 


Sunset from Clingman’s Dome parking area.


The Grist Mill in Cades Cove.


This young deer was shot a few weeks before on a trip out to Yellowstone.


Flat Rock in monochrome on Tremont Branch.


My shot of Tony in deep concentration composing a shot!


We all had a great weekend of fellowship and shooting, it was a great time!





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