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I do blog entires for a lot of reason; inspiration, spiritual growth, technical advice, equipment reviews, but ever once in a while I try to talk about dealing with the disappointments that occur from being a nature/landscape photographer!  As you all know we need four things to make a great image: a definable subject, great light for that subject, the right conditions and a well composed image!


We’ve all come upon a situation where you have a great subject with great light…… but the conditions are just not there!  Fall foliage photography is one of the most “condition dependent” of all kinds of nature/landscape shooting!  If the color is great that’s wonderful,  if it is not, then you’re sorta dead in the water!  There is another problem! If you have been shooting landscape images all over the U.S. or world for that matter, then you’ve undoubtadly seen some knock down gorgeous fall color!  If you have, you get rather picky about what get’s your juices flowing.  Someone said to me the other day in the area where I live, in Southern Kentucky, isn’t the color beautiful!? I was kind and said yes, but in my opinion this fall in our area was pretty disappointing, but this person has not seen what I’ve seen so why burst their bubble!


I did a little shooting this fall around our area and in the Smokies, but I’ve seen better conditions!  The older you get the harder it is to say, “well there’s always next fall!!!!!”  Thought I would share a few of my favorites!  The bottom line, don’t get discouraged and do the best you can with what you get!!!!


Tremont branch for the Wooden Bridge.


Great Smokies on Tremont Branch of the Little River


Old church near Seymour, TN.


Here are several around the Corbin area on the last day of ok color.



So not great but still a lot of fun the be out in nature and shooting for fun!




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The bag above was a gift from my dear brother Carl Turner.  The Back Story:  I went down to the Smokies a few weeks ago with Tony Rogers and joined by Carl Turner and we spent a couple of days shooting around the Smokies.  Before we all headed home Carl showed me a new bag he had picked up by Tenba.  It is the Solstice 10L Sling.  I was shocked at just how much it could hold and still stay under 10 lbs. 



The point of this bag is a grab it and go and have what you really need to shoot “almost” anything!  With a body and 5 lenses you can cover all the way from 15mm to 630mm.  I love how easy it is to carry and work out of.  A side opening allows access, quickly, to all  your gear and once again your back doesn’t hurt at the end of the day.  I will still keep a backpack for all the other gear I want to have available, but this is a great way to work in the field without all the pain!


So thanks Carl, you were really generous and my back thanks you too!




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