It’s Time to Get Serious!

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Please watch this video before reading on……..  I’ve been fighting this battle for most of my photography life.  When I was young, as a photographer, all I cared about was my work being seen, admired, even worshipped!  Man, was that hard to write!  I was insecure, I didn’t like myself that much and I “NEEDED” the approval of others to feel justified for even being on this earth, alive, and functioning.  What a sad state to be in.  You may wonder when I changed as a photographer?  I didn’t.  I changed as a person.  When I realized that God loved me regardless of what I thought of myself, that He gave His Only Son to die for me, so that I might be forgiven, justified and offered a place in His family, that then, finally to become even close to what He always wanted me to be, it was only then that my attitude about photography, and everything else changed.


This is a great youtube video and every photographer needs to not only watch it, but really think about the ramifications of it!  If you want to really enjoy this process of photographing and living, learn this lesson first!


Photo Lesson Number 2



This one is not as serious, but something we all need to remember. Rod Planck said it best, years ago; “Technique beats equipment, every time!”  High mega pixel cameras and large sensor cameras, even medium format, are valuable and have their place.  Making great photographs has a lot more to do with vision, commitment, values and discplined technique.


Think about these things, and be better for it!




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  1. Carl says:

    Great video!
    WOW post!
    Nobody has ever said it better!

  2. Bill – Great post as usual. I have Vivian Maier’s book which is pretty awesome. I totally agree with the first video. Photography is for yourself not others unless you are being paid as a pro to do that. The second video is also an eye opener. But I will say that the Sony sensor may make this an unfair test. Nothing against the Fuji sensor but a fairer test would have been Fuji vs Fuji same sensor technology. Just my thoughts.

    • admin says:

      I agree, but I think most shooters are way, way to worried about mega pixels, I would rather they be worried about learning how to see and shoot!

  3. As usual Bill an informative post that makes one think. Thank you as always.

  4. Love it. Article is totally on target. Great reminder of what matters in our lives….If we do what we know if right by God…we will not get many earthly likes. However we will get the one we need! God Bless my friend!- ehw

  5. Dick Ginkowski says:

    WOW! As for “mega-pickles” (remembering Don Nelson) I have some marvelous published waterfall shots taken with a 6mp Canon D60. I no longer go “ga-ga” over having the “latest and greatest.” I have an X-T3 but the X-T2 works just fine as well. I have the X-E3 and X-T30 and have seen no reason to go for the X-T4 or X-E4. And I can pull out an X-T20 if I am going somewhere where I don’t want to worry about damage. They will all take decent pictures.

    You know I am a contrarian at times — I celebrate it, in fact. I diverge somewhat with the article. It’s human nature to feel good about approval. And sometimes I am my own worst critic and need to be reminded of reality. But during the depths of the pandemic I went back through 20 years of digital photography and posted for by Facebook community three images a day, some of them shots I never processed years ago. I found that many of my friends looked forward to these daily posts and it kept me busy and engaged to process and post them. (This summer high travel costs and an ongoing family emergency that’s consumed us since May have cut into my ability and desire to shoot and post anything — bummer.) It was a gift of sorts for my friends and something for me, too.

    • Bill Fortney says:

      I get great pleasure sharing images, I just no longer live for the compliments, after all I’ve done this long enough to know myself whether any work is great, good, or not very successful!

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