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I was cleaning out my office today and found this old catalog from the late 60’s – early 70s from Norman’s Camera. Just look at thse prices!!!  A Nikon FPhotomic body in Black for $244.97 or a 85mm f 1.8 for $162.97  how about a 600mm f 5.6 with focusing unit for $640.  Consider that a 400 f 4 today goes for around $12,000.!!!!!!!


Pretty amazing!




the pilgrim


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  1. David W says:

    That is an interesting find. I think my chrome FE in 1980 was a bit more than the F Photomic in your catalog. I’m sure my 105mm, f2.5 was more.

    I know I won’t have anything as interesting in my files of camera stuff.

    Thanks for sharing your find with us.

  2. Bill Fortney says:

    Just shows how long I’ve been doing this stuff!

  3. Bill Fortney says:

    Just shows you how long I’ve been doing this!

  4. Dick Ginkowski says:

    And I just ordered something from Norman a couple of weeks ago!

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