Another 5 Pickle Burger!

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A couple of weeks ago I was in Cartsville Georgia for our Old Car City workshop and one evening we went to our favorite burger place there, Five Guys, but one of my attendees said they had heard there was another new burger place we needed to check out…..and we did!


Cheeseburger Bobby’s is a young chain founded in 2007 by Bobby Stoll as a new Build Your Own Buger Shop, and he did it right, the bugers are seasoned wonderfully, cooked on flat steel grill and  the buns, frys, onion riungs and ahakes are all first class!!!!  For now all there lcoations are in Georgia and Alabama, but I believe there will be more!  At last I hope so!


You can find there locaitons here:



So if you see there sign and are ready for killer burger, may I suggest a double!!!





the pilgrim


4 Responses

  1. David W says:

    I may have to check out the Huntsville location on Saturday.

  2. Bill Fortney says:

    You’ll like it!

  3. Rodney McKnight says:

    Oh yeah!!

  4. Douglas Berg says:

    Next time I am in Georgia I will have to look for one of these. Sounds yummy.