Thoughts on the New Fujifilm XH2s

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First it is great to see that Fujifilm is addressing the needs of action, sports and wildlife photographers.  While the most recent Fujifilm cameras have been much improved in terms of auto focus speed and tacking ability they still were not competing with Canon, Nikon and Sony for the action shooters out there!   If the specs are to be believed, and Fujifilm is pretty conservative company when it comes to claims, I  think we have a winner for those photographers needing this kind of camera!


A 5th Generation X-Trans CM”OS 5 HS Sensor


The new X-Processor 5


40 fps blackout free burst shooting / 30 fps for over 1000 frames!


Much Improved Autofocus and Tracking


6.2K 30P and 4K120 P  video


7 Stops in body stabilization


0.8x magnification 5.76 million Dot EVF


40 minute recording time


Weather Resistant body


So what does all this add up to?  A great addition to the Fujifilm line-up for “those” photographers needing this camera!!!!  Sadly, I’m not one of them.  My friends jokingly say everything I shoot is either; Dead – Dying – Or Petrified!

For me, I miss the analog type controls that allow easy setting of shutter speed, aperture, ISO and Exposure Compensation.  For me those are far more important!   I don’t think Fujifilm is making mistake, I think they simply building a camera to meet the needs of other photographers rather than me.  Hey they already have the X-T4 which I consider a great camera and perfect for my needs, I don’t need or want more mega pixels, in fact I think the early X-T1 camera with a 16 mega pixel sensor was, for my kind of work, the best imaging sensor of all!!!  I was not excited about a 40 mega pixel sensor either, I don’t need that much resolution for my work and I fear the noise will not be as great as the current 26 mega pixel sensor exhibits, but technology marches on and I could be wrong,


Don’t get me wrong, I think the X-2Hs is a wonderful accomplishment and will be well received and enjoyed by shooters needing it’s stellar specs.  So if Fujifilm is listening, I want an X-T5 with the new high resolution viewfinder, the old style (X-T3) fold up and out for verticals LCD, and change nothing else!!!!!  But then, the number of dinosaurs like me are getting further and fewer between!  i am thrilled with what Fujifilm has done to improve my photographic life, so I wish them only the best!  They’ve already made me a very happy camper!


But then, that’s only one guys opinion!




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4 Responses

  1. Carl says:

    B&H specifications says up to “90” minutes recording time. (I thought I read somewhere it had “240” minutes – but guess I am wrong.)

    My sentiments on the camera exactly!! But Billy Weeks and others like him will be thrilled!!!

    • Bill Fortney says:

      Different strokes for different folks! If I shot fast action, I would have one on order right now!
      But I’m not and I don’t!! Nuff said!

  2. David W says:

    This camera is just another tool which which we save memories and tell stories. For many it will be an excellent addition to their camera bad (tool bag). I hope it does well as it encourages all other manufacturers to improve their offerings as well. And with better tools available, I’m encouraged to make the best use of the tools.