X-T5 Color Report

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One of the things I’m loving about the X-T5 is the richness of the color!  I think the added resolution has a lot to do with the color depth!  Enjoy!



I love to dabble in the the close-up realm and couldn’t resist  the color!




the pilgrim


The last shot probably raises a question?  Yes that’s “the” Roger Staubach, I interviewed him way back when he was the QB for the Dallas Cowboys, he was a great guy!  I will always treasure this ball he signed for me, after he threw me a pass!

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  1. Carl says:

    What film simulation was used in these photos? Not vivid I presume…

  2. Bill Fortney says:

    They were shot on Provia (Standard) and then punched up a little.

    • Bill Fortney says:

      These were shot with a Lume Cube LED small panel with a frosted white diffuser and set to a color temperature of 3800 Kelvin and then shot in a white balance setting of incandesent. Which added to the warmth of the color.

  3. Dick+Ginkowski says:

    I love my little light cubes, too.

    Bill, it’s getting close to Christmas. We’re getting “up there” in years. And at this age sometimes there are things you no longer put off saying. So here’s a guest commentary.

    Thank you to a guy who inspired hundreds if not thousands of photographers. The Great American Photography Weekend alone accounts for those numbers and what a fun time they were (yes, there was work for the ground team to do, of course). You, with a little help from your friends, really set the mold. Then there was the books, video and that little ultralight. You gave us your objective thoughts and were never afraid to profess Christian beliefs and values. You were fair with your equipment evaluations even when working with Nikon. I had friends at Canon who respected you. And, of course, Don was for many years Mr. Pentax. You did so much for so many people and even thinking about this and saying this now makes me a bit sad because those were some special times. On top of that your devotion to your family is wonderful.

    I fear too many photographers today are becoming insular. Not sure that’s always good. But I am very thankful for you and for the example you set and the accolades that, despite your protests, were well-earned.

    The time to say things like this is when you still can and there’s no better time than now. When I was at Grandfather Mountain a few months ago I was saddened at how much Hugh was not even a memory for some people and how little was done to tell his story there.

    Thanks again for what you’ve done, for what you continue to do and for the memories as well. (And as just typed this I remember meeting Dr. Stanley in the Tetons. He handed me his card and said to stop by whenever I was in Atlanta. So I had a meeting there in August and went to the First Baptist Church. Needless to say it was a bit bigger place than I thought it would be! And the staff was kind of like, “Who are you?” until I pulled out Dr. Stanley’s card!)

  4. Eric Wojtkun says:

    Oh you are tempting me…trying to resist and just use and learn with what I got…and is so much better than I can utilize!
    After playing around with different camera brands it always seems to me the special sauce Fuji provides is in the transitions…the retention of subtle changes in light and color. I think they get more done properly in camera than anyone else except those pesky Apple and Google phones.
    As always Bill you draw me into your photos and provide a sense of wonder in the art of photography and just simple life itself.
    Thank You as always my friend.