Can you guess?

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Look at this image carefully and decide which of the two options are correct:


  1.  This is an actual photograph of a homeless man.  Shot witth a Nikon D3, 70-300mm lens at f 8.
  2.  This is a AI created image made when the following instructions were typed in to the I program:  “A photo realistic image 0f a  bearded older homeless man who resembles Ernest Hemingway.”

Answer in the comment section below, I will reveal the truth after I receive several guesses!





the pilgrim



14 Responses

  1. HI Bill

    Hope you’re doing well. I would say that this is a natural photo perhaps with some PS changes but not AI.

  2. Jerry Reece says:

    Homeless AI. Depth of field and focus doesn’t seem quite right to me

  3. David+W says:

    I think that is a real photo you made. If I’m right, I’m sure there is an interesting back story to go with the image. If I’m wrong, I’ll go wash the egg off me face.

  4. Rodney McKnight says:

    I’m going with Dave..actual with some LR or PS touching.

  5. Dennis Hoenich says:

    A lot of AI ones have weird eyes and the reflections and detail there make me lean to real photo. If it’s AI, then not sure we need cameras anymore…

  6. David Berry says:

    Without a doubt in my mind you took this photograph- It has Your style for portraits written all over it!
    Love the photo!

  7. I’ve been told that the appropriate term is un-housed person.

    • Bill+Fortney says:

      OK, enough suspense! A fried, Jim Begley showed me some totally AI portraits, and they were fantastic! I would have believed them to be real photographs, this however is this is a real person and with essentially no post processing.

      The back story: I walking around St. Petersburg Florida when I came upon this man. He knew I was a photographer, wearing a Domke photo vest and with a camera mounted on a tripod. I stopped and engaged him in conversation. After he realized I really wanted to know more about him, and was comfortable with me, I asked if he would let me make a portrait of him, to my surprise, he agreed. I only shot three or four different images. After that I offered to by him breakfast, he agreed and went in a little coffee shop and had a big hearty breakfast where I learned more about him. After breakfast I offered to give him a little cash, but he refused, he said it was nice to meet me, I told him I was thrilled with the images and shared them with him, this was his favorite! I asked him, “Look at me like you have a secret and you’re amused that I don’t know it!”

      It worked!

  8. Bill+Fortney says:

    Jim is a “friend” not fried!!!!!!

  9. Very cool. I’ve done some work using Midjourney but I’ve noticed that it’s terrible at creating hands.