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Brick work, 18-55, 1/75th of a second at f 8 ISO 400.


I got out today after church to do a little more practice.  I shot some of my favorite local subjects, (so sorry you will have seen some o these before),  and addd a few new ones with twist, I shot everything hand held and limited myself to three lenses; 18-55, 80 Macro and the 70-300d all shot with the X-T5.


70mm-300mm at 70mm 1/00th of a second at f 4  ISO 800.


This is my local record store, my only record store, love the name of it and I enjoy browsing there,  though it is not usually filled with my kind of music, run by a nice young couple.  I’ve donated over a hundred CD’s for them to sell and help them keep the doors open, every town needs at least one record store!!


70-300 at 113mm  shot at 1/690th of a second at f 8  Iso 800.  I love the silver aluminum skin and how the 40 mega pixels of the X-T5 shows the texture so well.



70-300 at 122.5 mm  1/400th sec. at f 8 and ISO 800


This is the warehouse for the Alley Stuff store, I need to get into warehouse to see what they have I might photograph, love this junk sign! Below there other sign, same settings!



18-55  at 37mm at 1/210th sec. at f 8  ISO 400


18-55 at 37mm set to 16:9 format 1/250th sec at f 8 ISO 800


I call this house Jack’s Nightmare!   That needs an explanation! My teaching partner and dear brother Jack Graham went to Indiana University which once was a big rivalry with the University of Kentucky where I went.  Jack went wild when he saw this, since he is not very fond of UK.  I could care less but have fun teasing him about it!


I hope that was a little fun and a little education!





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6 Responses

  1. Walter Willis says:

    The more I see, the more I think that the X-T5 is a sweet little camera (with the proper photographer behind it.) Excellent stuff!

  2. Jack Graham says:

    Folks——- It ain’t the camera…..they are all capable! Eyes outperform cameras all the time!
    Mr Fortney has at least one great one

  3. Bill+Fortney says:

    Camera or eye!!?? 😉

  4. Rodney McKnight says:

    With Bill, the eye and the hands. Tack sharp hand held with a 40 MB sensor. I can do it at my age (69 yo) with a X-H1 (24 MB sensor) but could not do it hand held with the X-T5 like Bill. So much experience, millions of practice shots..putting in the time and effort and having practiced the technique over and over with an experienced eye and composed hands. Right on Jack.

  5. Dick Ginkowski says:

    I would love to see you back at GFM. GAPW brought people together for learning and camaraderie. There’s less of that today.