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I’m sorry I’ve gone dark for so long!  I have been healing up and working hard in cardiac rehab, and it’s going well!  So thanks for your continued prayers!


Now down to business!  Top; I recently pick-up a SmallRig Mini LED light.  This little light is a perfect companion for your Close-up work.  At only $39. it is powerful enough to add just the little extra light to a  wonderful macro shot.  It comes with some really useful magnetic accessories and it is very useful!



This is a ratchet screwdriver and bit set is of incredible quality and for a tiny price!  The bits are magnetic and hold in fast and secure to the bolds and screws.   It is perfect for tightening down L brackets!





This is one of the best lens cleaning solutions out there and Jack was kind enough to send me three bottles!!!  That is a lifetime supply at any age, at my ripe old age, I will have to leave two in my will for someone!

















Boy do I have great friends and brothers!  A year or so ago Jack Graham gave me one of these wonderful SmallRig tools and I can never remember to move it between camera bags….and then Carl Turner sent me one last week!  Now, thank you Carl,  I can always have one of  these great tools with me!  You can get yours on, you guessed it,  Amazon!




Another very thoughtful gift from Jack, this Synthetic Grease is perfect for the threads of your tripod legs, thanks Jack, thoughtful and very good stuff, yep amazon!



Newer & SmallRig both are making batteries for Fujifilm’s latest cameras and these can be charged with a regular USB-C.  I’ve only had mine for a short time and I can’t say how they will do, but I think they have real potential, I will be sure to let you know!  Big surprise: Amazon!





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  1. Dick Ginkowski says:

    Thank you for posting this, Bill. I was beginning to become worried about you (seriously).

    Some marvelous little tools. The light cube is wonderful for macro shots of flowers. And ROR — I’ve been using it for years! Helpful hint: For those of us who wear glasses, ROR can clean lenses when other solutions bomb out.

    I just picked up something that may be helpful fir charging camera batteries via USB C. It’s a USB A to three USB C cables with rapid charger. It’s designed to charge the Rode Wireless Go II transmitters and receiver and that’s why I bought it but it could be used for other applications. Made by “weishan” and $14.99 at Amazon (USB C Charging Cable for Rode Wireless Go 2 / ii Microphone System, 3-in-1 Type-C 3A Charger Cord with 18W Fast-Charge Power Adapter, 4ft Long).