A New Geared Head!

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I recently saw a video on Youtube for a new Geared Tripod head and after some study decided to pull the trigger on one. The Sunwayfoto GH Pro II.  I ordered it directly from Sunwayfoto in China through eBay and paid around $202.  I have  been very impressed with the precision and build quality and I think for close-up work and landscape I’m really going to enjoy it!  In the top photo this is the head holding the camera in the horizontal level state. Below inthe tilted axis in horizontal.



Below is the tilting axis forward and backword.



Below is the eBay page showing the one I ordered.  it took about 10 days from the factory in China.



I found the head to work very well and it has a folding out handle for each knob if you need to make faster movements for larger distances.  Below are more illustrations from the manufacturer showing all the features.  I also have a Really Right Stuff BH55 LR head that I love and is better when working fast.  I think for more precise work this is going to be something I use a lot and really enjoy!



I think for around $200. it’s a steal!





the pilgrim

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  1. Jack Graham says:

    Another thing to pack and carry!

  2. Dennis Mook says:

    Bill, I’ve been using this head for two years and it works flawlessly. It allows precise composition. No ‘drop’ as you find after you tighten a ball head. Enjoy!

    • That is why I bought it, good to know it is still solid! My RR Stuff ball head, which has always been rock solid has started to slip, probably needs a tune io! I thinkI’m going to love it, by-the-way Ihave really enjoyed your YouTube videos, I’m a fan!