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I live in a small town, less than 5,000 folks.  I’ve lived here over 40 years, and I haven’t been home more than about half of those 40 years, I travel to make photographs and work.  Because of that,  I have not made a ton of friends in Corbin.  Joe at the laundry, a few folks in the neighborhood where I live, some more people in our church, and my barber, Robert.  Today was a sad day for me, I went to Robert’s Barber Shop for the last time, actually called Bob’s Barber Shop because his father, Bob, started it many years ago. Sadly Bob passed away a few years ago and Robert his son, Penny, Robert’s wife and Alicia his sister, (and one of my photo students),  have remained as the barbers.  From time to time his mother, Theata, will be at the shop and I love to visit with her too.


So why was today sad?  After over 40 years, at the end of December,  they are closing the shop doors for good and retiring.  Robert deserves to be able to do that but I will miss him and the crew!  A man’s barber is more than someone that keeps his hair and beard under control!  Robert has been my barber, a therapist, a good buddy to talk politics with, (who mostly agrees with me or visa versa).  Over 40 years, he has become one of my few friends in our community.  I don’t think we take the time to thank those folks that enrich our lives, so that is why I am writing this!  Robert, I will miss you my friend, thank you for years of taking care of me and keeping me from being so bushy I needed a dog license!  Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it and certainly have earned it!  Expect me to stop by your place to say hi from time to time!  It’s been a pleasure my friend!   God Bless!




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  1. Dennis Hoenich says:

    It sounds like he will have time to take up photography for a retirement hobby. Bet he could find a knowledgeable mentor to guide him and have a great friendship.

  2. If he asks, I’m ready!!!

  3. David+W says:

    It seems many good small business people are retiring and no one is taking over the business. I’ve had two barbers retire and had the shops closed.

    I hope your barber enjoys his retirement. From another post, it seems you have identified some good equipment for him to start a new hobby to enjoy in his retirement.