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A few months ago, I watched a Youtube video of a talk Scott Kelby made at a B&H event in New York.  He spoke on using the iPhone as your second camera and how well it had worked for him.  His images, the talk and the information were all excellent, which comes as no surprise!  Scott is one of the very best instructors in the business!  In fact I’m currently using my iPhone 12 Pro Max as my back up camera and he’s right it works fantastic!


This morning my wife asked if I would make a grocery shopping run, also called a good way to blow a couple of hundred bucks, but that’s another story.  I was happy to help my very hard working wife out and headed up to London to buy an index card’s worth of grocery items.  I took my iPhone in case she thought of something we had left off the list, a common occurrence.  It was very cold this morning and very overcast so I wasn’t really thinking about making images, but did see the painted wall above and made a mental note to stop and shoot it on the way home.  I shot it with my iPhone and while getting back in the car saw the image below of a water main cap, and shot it too!  It’s digital, after all, no added cost!   😉



I lay my iPhone on the passenger seat so if I see anything that requires quick action I can grab it!  A few hundred yards up the road at a stop light I saw this car with a guy and his dog, and his handicapped sticker created a cross between them!  I loved it and I was fortunate that the light stayed red long enough to get off a shot!



World class images?  No, but images I probably would not have made if getting out a camera bag,  putting a lens on and setting up my tripod had to be done and they would have never gotten made!


Found images are fun, and it’s easier to react to these kinds of situations if grabbing your phone is all the is required!  I honestly doubt if I had shot them with my X-T5, they would’ve been made, and if they could, would not have been any better!


There is something about owning a few bodies and hand full of lenses that makes you think otherwise, but we all have to remember that getting the shot is the most important thing, if you never make the shot, you’ll never have it!


So, I get it, this is one more tool in the kit that will help you sometimes, just get the shot!




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  1. James+Haverstock says:

    Great images abound … but it takes a great photographer like you to see them.