It’s All About the Light!

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As I prevued images I shot in the past, it always works out that 90% of the time the ones that jump out at me are the ones with great light!  Very often I go out in great light and look for subjects!  I found these four recently when looking at a trip to Portland’s Japanese Garden’s work.  Study the light and how they added to the texture and shapes of these subjects, hope you enjoy them!



Get out there and find some images today!



the pilgrim

4 Responses

  1. Jerry Reece says:

    Enjoyed your close-ups, particularly how they were lit. Love some info on lens used and settings.
    Jerry Reece

  2. admin says:

    All were shot with a X-T1 and the 60mm macro at around f 5.6 and ISO 400, all on the same day!
    Tripod of course!

    • Jerry Reece says:

      It’s great what you can do with an “older” lens and camera. I always appreciate the simplicity in your approach to photography. You and I both have much more modern Fuji equipment, but the earlier equipment is far from obsolete. It doesn’t take exotic equipment to do beautiful images. (I have an XT-20 as backup for my X-T5 and still get good images from it.)