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My second favorite love besides photography, (of course the Lord and my family and friends rank above even those two things!), is music!  When Sherelene and I built our home in 1978 I set aside a small room upstairs as a teaching room with a built in screen and a sectional couch around the walls.  Over the yearI taught a good number of classes in this space.  Later it became a catch all equipment room, but a couple of yers ago I decided to set up a music listening room.  Audio gear has always been a hobby and I cobbled together a system and organized it.


My teaching partner and dear friend, Jack Graham has a fabulous system in his home and it inspired me to set mine up.  Jack is really into vinyl and his system is really high end stuff, mine not so much, but I love the sound of mine and it works for me.  My system is a mix of old vintage stuff and some new modern pieces as well.  My main speakers of 1980’s era Polk SDA2 speakers, 40 plus years old but they still sound fantastic!  Sub Bass is handled with a Emotiva Sub Woofer.  I drive them with a Emotiva Base 2 Power Amp (250 watts per channel) and Emotiva PT-1 pre-amp, both high value and very clean sounding. I have about 50 albums and a very nice Technics turntable that was a gift from Jack.  My main music source is CDs of which I have well over a 1,000.  I use a vintage ES Sony CD Player and a Rotel Tribute CD player as well.  I also stream from Apple Music off my iPad Pro.  The smaller speakers are Klipsch 600M Reference Premiers.


My music is very eclectic, from Sinatra, to 50s 60s Rock and Roll, Blues, some country, contemporary artists, Classical, and Symphonic as well. I recently added a Eames (Reproduction Chair) to relax in for long listening sessions!  It’s taken almost 7 decades to piece it all together, but I’m really enjoying it!  Come by and I’ll play some music for you!




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  1. David+W says:

    I’ll be retiring in May and just might try to get up to hear some wonderful music shortly thereafter.

    Stay safe and healthy.

  2. Carl says:

    Emotiva makes some great equipment. I have amps, speaker wire, extension plugs, etc from them – economical (if their is such a thing in Hi-Fi) and very high quality. WTG Bill!

  3. You’re right, nothing is economical in HiFi any more, but there stuff is a good value!

  4. Dick Ginkowski says:

    I loved reading this! I am an old audio guy (started working in radio at the age of 13, got my FCC license then in 1965). Built my first amp (tubes!) in junior high. What’s really funky is the inverse relationship between gear and music. I would gasp when some kid would walk into a store and they’d sell him a 200 watt amp and balls out speakers to listen to acid rock. With his music a 20 watt amp would make enough noise to disturb the neighborhood! But the person who likes classical or acoustic music benefits from the added watts.

    That said, nothing beats the sound coming from the radio of a 1957 Chevy or 1965 Rambler on a country road on a warm summer night with your best girl. Just sayin’. 🙂