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When Sherelene started getting calls and emails asking why there was no announcement of my death, I knew I had gone too long without a blog entry!!!!  Actually about two months ago my 10 year old Apple iMac died and after careful examination it was determined that it would cost more to fix it than replace it, so I was stuck without a computer in my home office.  Many of my passwords and admin records were on that computer, so I needed help!  First I had recently bought a 2018 Macbook Pro which combined with a new 26″ Benq monitor solved the office problem!  Thankfully my dear friend RC Concepcion was kind enough to get my passwords straightened up so as of today I can get into Word Press again! Thanks RC!!


So, I’m back and yes, still alive, at 160 Whirlaway Trail!  Top Image:  It was just a little over a year ago that we lost our dear friend and brother Charles Stanley, I miss him everyday, but I know he finally knows one of his most burning questions, is there photography in heaven!?  I’m betting there is!



Since my heart issue in 2023 I have been doing much less traveling and spending a lot of time at home with Chester!  I wondered how I would feel when “real” retirement set in, but I have to say I’m enjoying it very much!  I continue to play with some new Micro 4/3rds cameras an lenses and while the learning curve is a little steep, I am enjoying them!  *  Just in case you are reading into this that I am no longer shooting Fujifilm equipment, that is the furthest thing from the truth, I just  wanted to play around with something new.  I still have all of my Fujifilm equipment, four bodies and over fifteen lenses, and I use them often.  I appreciate my relationship with Fujfilm, I’m just am enjoying a little fling!  The Micro 4/3rds bodies and lenses are nice and small and fun to shoot with.



My next outing in the field will not be until early October when Jack and I will be joined by a handful of friends in the UP of Michigan!  This has become one of my favorite places to shoot fall color!


I will try hard to get back to posting more often!


Till next time, God Bless!


In Him,



the Pilgrim

10 Responses

  1. Bill,
    Thank God you are okay. I was literally over joyed to see a new post today. I don’t have any friends that are professionals so all I could do was google every once in awhile to see if there was news on you.

    I generally check your blog every other day and at least two times a week, so it’s been a long pause for all of us. I truly understand you have no obligation to post but there are people like myself who really enjoy you, your life stories, and yes certainly your photography. s

    I had the great honor of meeting you and Joe McNally in Nashville several years ago and feel like I know you a little bit. Again, so thankful that you are okay and able to take nourishment.

  2. billfortney says:

    It was a great pleasure to get to now you more than “just a little bit!”

  3. Jerry Reece says:

    Glad to see all’s well with you. I was beginning to wonder.

    Retirement is great. I retired 30 years ago this June and here I am at 90 still clicking away and enjoying life. I am living back in California again and hoping you will have a workshop out west now and then.

    Your “old” student,
    Jerry Reece

  4. Rodney McKnight says:

    Thank Goodness! So good to hear from you. Always loved that photo of you and Chester!

  5. Mary Anne Worrell says:

    Hi Bill,
    So glad to hear you are well. I did try to email you about a month ago after I completed your Macro Classes on KelbyOne. Best thing I did was enroll as a KelbyOne VIP member and it has been a blessing (and perhaps even a boost to my photography – LOL). The instruction has certainly been a motivator.

    I am experimenting with macro since it’s more indoor shooting these days with the high humidity and heat in South Carolina. Your sessions were truly inspiring and most helpful and I’ve been enjoying playing with some of your ideas and a few of my own. I am guessing you take questions and/or requests for help??? If not, I understand.

    My biggest reason for emailing was to thank you for your sharing your faith. Dr. Charles Stanley was one of the amazing people the Lord sent into my life to help me grow in my walk with the Lord. I had the privilege of meeting him several times while visiting First Baptist in Atlanta and my husband and I have sort of become ‘out of area’ members – having visited and shared with Dr. George since Covid. I grew up in a Christian home, blessed with grandparents and parents who loved the Lord, shared their faith by example. I am so thankful to ‘meet’ other believers in the photography arena. I just wanted to say it was a blessing. God bless and I hope to hear from you.

    • Bill+Fortney says:

      Charles was the real deal, I loved him dearly! Thanks for your kind words, and yes I’m always happy to answer questions, and help folks anyway I can, especially a sister in the Lord! All my contact info is at the top of the page under About Bill, feel free to reach out anytime! I hope to hear from you!

  6. Eric Wojtkun says:

    Bill welcome back. I too was getting concerned. For what it is worth…happy shooting from a fellow M43 and Fuji shooter. I do appreciate the difference two to three pounds and physical length make in a bag. I may post a little comparison for equivalent equipment (well somewhat we’ll say light gathering equivalent) and help people understand the difference. My wish is Fuji or Sigma would license an updated Pentax 50-135, save about two inches length and over 200 grams with weather sealing to pair for travel with a 2S or T5. But then again I was always against the grain!

  7. David W says:

    It’s good to see that you are doing well in spite of your computer failure. I hope the current computer setup proves as reliable as the old system. I appreciate RC helping you resolve some of the issues.

    Enjoy your retirement in whatever form it takes. Enjoy being able to take time with family and your interests (and new toys). I know I’ll be trying to do that in a few months when I attempt to retire.