How can we serve Christ best?

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First Happy Fourth of July!   Now I’m about to really get in the weeds on a faith based topic.  If you are one of a few atheists or agnostics that come here for time to time, thank you, but you might want to walk away on this one.  It might trigger you and that is not my intention, I just want to give some thoughts to those that really want to do what the title says!  Please feel free to come back I value your readership, you’re always welcome!


O.K. serious questions deserve serious answers.  So here goes.  


  1. Know your subject.  If you want to share meaningful things about our Lord and Savior, really get to know Him.  Read his word, pray and talk with Him, listen for His voice.  Ask Him to help you with your most difficult moments and your greatest victories too!  Never be afraid to ask Him, anything, after all, He willingly gave his life for you!  Ask him to use the Holy Spirit to guide you as you reach out to others in His name.
  2. If you ask him, He will answer.  Whenever you ask for His help, you will hear from Him. He will make it very clear how to take whatever action you’ve asked him about.  Now comes the hard part, Obey Him.  When you know in your heart the directions He has given you are truly from Him, do them without fear.  If He sends you, He will equip you and give you everything you need to complete His task, after all it’s not you. Christ is doing the mission, it is Him, you are His agent earth. Trust that no matter how you think things went, He is in control and He will bring the result He desires.  In other words when we are obedient, we have not failed, and never will!
  3. Always remember that this life is not about you!  To follow Christ we must use His walk on earth as an example.  He was always concerned about others, he was looking outward, not inward.  The world tells us that we are number 1 and that we have to take care of ourselves, trust that to Christ, who never fails, and the world always fails.  If He loved you enough to die for you, don’t you think He will watch over you, His precious child.
  4. Forgive everyone that has ever hurt you or mistreated you.  This is a tough one, but oh so necessary!  The biggest wall that stands between us and a deep abiding relationship with Jesus is our unforgiveness, of others and ourselves.  When we forgive others it opens the door to more joy and peace than you’ve ever known and it draws you even closer to your Heavenly Father.
  5. When you have great victories, and you will when you start truly serving Him,  ALWAYS give the Praise and Honor to Him.  It’s far more satisfying than trying to take credit for yourself, please believe me on this one!
  6. Treasure and love your family and friends, bothers and sisters in Christ.  The greatest joy in life will be those wonderful relationships that will continue on in heaven for Eternity!  These are some of God’s greatest gifts to you, honor and treasure them!

Forgive me for preaching to the choir, I know than many of you are already doing this every day, but if you haven’t yet, start today to have the best life of service you could ever hope for!  Thank you for letting me share what’s on my heart, after all, God gave me this assignment!






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9 Responses

  1. James+Haverstock says:

    A perfect message for this 4th of July. There is complete freedom in following Christ.

  2. Rodney Mcknight says:

    Well said Bill! Happy 4th. Love you brother!

  3. Walter Willis says:

    Bravo, Bill!

  4. Bob Lieber says:

    God’s wisdom is the only wisdom! Thanks for being the channel of that wisdom.

    Bless you Bill!

  5. Dick Ginkowski says:

    Reading this for some reason called to mind an argument I had with a businessman many years ago. Neither of us can remember what It was about but we were both convinced of our righteousness and not willing to let go an inch. In the middle of this he started laughing. I asked what was so funny. He said, “I like you. You tell it like it is and don’t bullshit, you have principles and I trust you.” We became instant friends who have each other’s back and to this day we can’t remember what we were so worked up over but we know how it ended.

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