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I don’t enjoy making confessions, but from time to time I have to. When I restarted the blog on Monday I was crushed at the loss of all those entries. I had a hard time sleeping and finally got up and went into the living room to sit in the dark and think about what was bothering me so much.
The confessions of my lips for a year has been how the blog was about Him, not about me. Well
after much soul searching, I kind of decided I had made it at least a little about me. I didn’t try to promote myself, but I did start to take some unhealthy pride in the nice comments and the large number of hits. If my only motive was to share my love for Christ and offer that love to others I would not have been so crushed by the loss of the site.

My conversation, in the dark, with the Lord, went something like this;

Me, “But Lord what if all those people can’t find the new blog?”

The Lord, “Let me worry about that, I can see to it that those that need to come there will find the way.”

Me, “But what if people want to find it, and can’t?”

The Lord, “Do you think if I created the world, I can’t get those people that I want to be connected
back to the Chronicles, back?”

Me, “No Sir, I just guess I worry about how you will do it?”

The Lord, “The bumble bee turned out pretty good don’t you think”

Me, “Yes Sir, I’m sorry………”

I think it is a good thing to realize that, (1) God has a plan, (2) He had it before you ever got involved, (3) He can work it out even if your not a part of it.

Hard to swallow, but true. I don’t like not being in control, but then little episodes like this reminds me, I never was.

the pilgrim

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  1. Cathy says:

    Hi Bill from Waihi Beach, New Zealand. I have been reading through various posts on your site and I am so refreshed by your openness to share your walk with God. This post really touches on so many aspects that all who truly seek to follow and serve God will experience, if they are honest. See, He bought me to your site for some refreshment and I pray my comments may edify you too.
    Best regards in Him

  2. Joshua Boldt says:

    sometimes it just comes down to saying we are sorry… everything will be OK 🙂

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