Color, Anyone????

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Well after yesterdays cold, cloudy windy weather, we finally caught a break and had great conditions to launch balloons in Albuquerque!  The D800 performed wonderfully as a hand held camera.  I used the 24-120 AFS VR f4 lens, everything shot at F8, Aperture Priority and Auto ISO with a high end limit of 3200.  Hope you enjoy the results!  It was so much fun I didn’t realize my fingers ere frozen till I got back in the Media Center!



Love my little buddy Elvis above!


……and Bill Pekala, if you’re out there, thanks for the job!!!!


Be blessed,


the pilgrim


This one’s for you Jim!  Nik’s Color Efex 3.0 Tonal Contrast to get a poor simulation of a Jim Begley HDR Masterpiece!!!

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  1. Lynn says:

    Okay. NOW I’m a little envious of your job. : ) Stunning images. Amazing clouds. I would like to know more about using Auto ISO – especially when its use is appropriate. Maybe in November? Meanwhile, I’ll read up on it. Have a blessedl Sunday, Bill!

  2. admin says:

    Absolutely, we will, but for now, the D800 has such low noise you can easily shoot even 3200 or 6400 and not worry much about noise! It frees you up to think about the subjects!! Thanks for the kind words!

  3. Jim Begley says:

    Man… I am so jealous….. great shots. Maybe Bill P. could hire you an assistant…. I would do it and pay would be optional…. Keep them coming. You like the tonal contrast don’t you…..

  4. Richard Small says:

    You have to love the colors and the action! The D800 is the bomb!!!!

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