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This morning while visiting some of my favorite blogs I came upon a before unnoticed posting on John “Snake” Barrett’s website of images from our workshop two weeks ago, out west.  I spent at least a half hour enjoying the images sent in from all our team and attendees of other people having fun.  I can’t tell you how great it made me feel to see just what a good time everyone was having!!!  As the co- leaders, Jim and I are often carrying the burden of keeping track of everyone, not loosing a car, or preventing not getting on site “after” the perfect light.   It robs some of the joy, feeling all the responsibility for keeping everyone else on track.  I’ve committed  to try and deal with that better, when I saw just how much fun everyone else was having!!!  I wanted to share of my favorite images which I would credit, but I have no idea who turned them in, so you can just enjoying them like I did, not knowing, but appreciating not only the images, but what they show!!.  On thing is for sure, cameras and lenses, tripods, heads, and accessories are a lot of fun, but this is the real joy of photography, the fellowship!!


So, as you can see, it was pretty magical just being out there together, shooting and having fun, if you’ve never made it to a His Light event, come join the fun, and God Bless.




the pilgrim


To whom ever shot these images, thanks a million it brought back great memories!



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  1. LOVE LOVE these photos – the first one brings back the memories of that amazing morning at Horseshoe Bend. We were all wanting to capture it and trying to get a good footing there at the edge of sheer cliff. I looked like I was about to go over the edge. It was very exciting to be there. But I think what these photos capture more than anything was the camaraderie we all experienced as we were photographing just a small glimpse of God’s creation. The Lord gave us such an openness and a joy of being together doing the photography that we love. It was so much FUN. And I can tell you this – I’m probably going to be post-processing the thousands of photos I took for the next year at least. And I’m loving every minute of it. Thank you, thank you to you and the team for saying yes to the Lord about His Light Workshops.

  2. Susan in Columbus says:

    These photos are in many ways the best part of the event, for all the reasons Catherine mentioned. Every time I see them I can’t help grinning, and can’t wait to see everyone again. You, Jim and team work so hard to deliver that great experience, and do it so quietly that we’re often unaware of it. I’m so very glad you caught up with some of the joy and fun that participants felt. As success criteria go, I think joy is a pretty high mark!

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