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I would like to encourage you to visit Scott Kelby’s blog today, right now!!!  I’m so very proud of Scott for doing what he is doing.  He has written a book, o.k. lots and lots of books, but this one is real departure for him.  He explains how it came about far better than I could so watch his 5 minute video where he talks about his new book,  then come back and let me finish the entry!




If you come to this blog, you certainly know that I have devoted my life to Jesus Christ, and you know that I have no problem, whatsoever, standing up for my faith.  I’ve know Scott for a long time and I’ve known he is a devoted Christian, and a wonderful father and husband, but he is not overt about his faith.  Don’t get me wrong if you’ve ever read any of his books, his stand is right there in black and white, but he doesn’t wear it on his shoulder, ( like some people we know! )  I’m sure Scott knows that coming out in the open like this might upset some people, and that is why I’m proud of him.  He did it anyway.  The scripture is very clear that if we are ashamed of Him He will be ashamed of us.  Scott certainly is not ashamed of his relationship with Jesus.


Have I taken a big risk by being so open about my walk with Him?  Yes and no, yes in that people can, and have, reacted to me the same as they will with Scott.  The difference is I’m not Scott Kelby.   Scott has an enormous following and has earned the respect and popularity with many, many people.  I know he knows, that this could not set well with a small portion those that follow his career.  The question is, if God calls you to do something, can you let that stop you?  We both know the answer to that, we can’t.  What Scott will learn is that when you make a stand for Him, He will bless you beyond measure!  How do I know this?  Well, if you have been here more than a few times you know that is exactly what He has done for me.


I’m very happy for Scott, because he has opened the door for even greater blessings than he has already received, and boy has he been blessed with a great family and wonderful people to work with.  Some would say that if you step out and proclaim your faith that you are taking a risk, I would say if you truly know Him, and don’t step out, that is the biggest risk of all!


I will be praying that God greatly honors Scotts releasing of this book.  That is an easy prayer to pray, because I know it is always God’s will that we make a stand for Him!


Be blessed,


the pilgrim



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  1. Jeff Levine says:

    Bill, I saw this early this morning, and the first thing I thought was ‘I am so proud of him.’ Now I know he has no idea who I am, but as a fellow Christian I am so excited that someone in his position would listen to God’s calling and step out in faith. The first book I ever bought from Scott was in 2007 on Photoshop elements, and the deciding factor between his and the others was for the last paragraph in is acknowledgments, thanking God for his blessings. I have wondered from time to time where he stood in his faith, and after today I wonder no more. Since Scott closed comments to his post today I would just like to say to him that God no doubt is nodding his head and saying ‘well done my good and faithful servant!’

  2. Lynn says:

    I would like to second what Jeff said. Bill, if you can pass along a message from us, let Scott know that he is not alone and that he has our prayers and our gratitude. And you might throw in a few hugs, too.

  3. Dennis Mook says:

    Bill, my feelings echo yours and those commenters above. Please pass my congratulations to Scott for putting forth this book and braving the sure to come criticisms. Also, thank you for your words and faith.

    • admin says:

      We all need to wrap him in our prayers, but always remember, ” He who is in us, is greater than he who is in the world.”

  4. I was thrilled to listen to his video and read his post about his book and faith in Christ. Go Scott!! Yes, may we all be faithful to serve the Lord and stand for Him no matter what.

  5. Jenn says:

    Add me to the list of those that are proud of him and excited to see how God will use this! You just know that it was probably a tough moment when God revealed this to him. I imagine he wrestled with all the reasons why NOT to do it, but in the end, God’s will prevailed and three years later, the book is released. Great stuff!

  6. Susan in Columbus says:

    Ditto what Lynn said!

    • the pilgrim says:

      Ditto to what I said!!!! Just kidding, I agree, hope you guys are getting ready for a wonderful C,hristmas!!!!

  7. Eric Harmon says:

    I was quite pleasantly surprised when I saw Scott’s new book mentioned yesterday on his blog (I think that’s where I read it, anyway). I immediately went and ordered my copy from Amazon – sold out, but I should get one from the next batch, I hope. I can’t wait to read what Scott has to say. Like many, I knew he’s a Christian. I expect this book to be quite a blessing for me and many others. I always wrestle with the term “proud”, as it can sometimes seem condescending. So I’ll simple say that I hope he is immensely blessed by this.

    And as I’m writing this, I’m thinking I’m going to go order a couple more copies. I’m sure I can find some people to give the extra copies to, and the profits will go to a worthwhile cause.

  8. Doug Dillon says:

    No question that Scott nailed the focus on this one and we all need to get our focus on Jesus Christ too! Same to you Bill! I admire you both in being the conduit. My prayers for you, your family, Scott, and his family! You both keep us all prompted to keep our “focus” on Jesus and make sure we give “exposure” to Him for anyone that will listen. My prayers are also that God uses this book to touch the hearts of so many searching people. All the problems we see in the news each day from around the world are certainly summed up as we’ve heard so many times….”The heart of the problem is the problem of the heart”! Thank you pilgrim!

  9. admin says:

    Wow, wonderfully said, love that quote! I fully admit, up front, that I plan to steal that quote!

  10. […] Scott’s newest book over on his blog recently. If you have a minute, read his post “When Is A Risk, Not A Risk?“ for his perspective on stepping out in faith.Okay, that’s really it for today. Have a […]

  11. Mike says:

    “I will be praying that God greatly honors Scotts releasing of this book. That is an easy prayer to pray, because I know it is always God’s will that we make a stand for Him!”

    THIS is what you are praying for? That God honors a book? Are you not aware that there are people starving and suffering from disease all across the world? If you believe that God listens to and/or answers prayers, then you need to redirect yours to people who actually need REAL help.

    • Michael Drumgool says:

      I think we need to mention that 100% of the profits of this book go to an orphanage in Africa!! Also the fact that the more people that are influenced by Scotts book are more people in the world doing Gods work and helping people in need? I truly agree that we do need to pray for everyone in need but maybe not to be so quick to put down people trying to do what they believe God wants them to do !

      • admin says:

        Point well taken, but I agree with Mike about the suffering, and you about Scott’s emmense efforts for those suffering. Bottom line: everyone is right!

    • RobH says:

      You do realize 100% of the proceeds of the book go to the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya, right?

      • Helder says:

        Sir, talumpati po about sa high sohcol ka, tapos pagbalik mo sa alma matter mo ay isa ka ng ganap na doktor, halimbawa, at inanyayahan ka nilang maging guest speaker,. salamat po. pa send po sa email ko. thanks.

    • admin says:

      I understand your comment and I can feel your passion! There is a lot of suffering and I do pray daily for those that are suffering. Anyone’s prayer life is not limited to any one issue. Please consider the context of that statement, I was saying, in effect, I pray that God will “use” that book to bring more people to him. Sadly, it is a fact that there will always be suffering in our world, but believe it or not, the severity of suffering does not compare to the importance of us acknowledging and accepting Him. The greatest healing our world needs is spiritual. Listen to Scott’s message again, all profits go to the suffering! You can do both, reach out to a suffering world, and reach out for Him!

    • Noel says:

      May God Bless YOU Mike. The quote that you, yourself, gave was that “God greatly honors Scott’s RELEASING of this book.” That is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from “…God honors A book.” I am absolutely certain that the intent of saying honoring of the RELEASING of the book is the untold good, benefit & blessings that no-telling-how-many people will receive as a result of both giving the book and receiving-reading the book. Not to mention the courage imparted to people, as a result of Bill & Scott’s willingness to take risks. May God Bless You All…in addition to the “starving & suffering”; not mention the proceeds GO TO the “needy”!

      • admin says:

        I appreciate that people are speaking out about this book, and my comments, but I’m far, far more interested in people’s lives being changed for the better than, myself or Scott’s being blessed! Let me cut through the fog. My beliefs are irrelevant to the world, but here are the facts:





        Now that is God’s word to us…….

        My word is; Because Jesus lives in my heart, I love others because of Him, I reach out because of His concern and love for this fallen world. I am of no consequence, only a humble servant of His. My efforts are not to get gain for myself or promote any other man, but to serve Him so that He might reach into the hearts of all men and women.

  12. Tom Leparskas says:

    got directed here in error. not interested in a non-photo book by kelby.

  13. Lloyd Grace says:

    I am SOOO proud of Scott for doing what we are supposed to do – Loudly proclaim from the mountain-tops. God will only honor him and bless him for his proclamation of faith.

    “Everyone therefore who shall confess Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever shall deny Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 10:32,33)

    • Patricio says:

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  14. admin says:

    Amen Lloyd, Amen!

  15. Paul Ciura says:

    So an interesting thing happened on the day Scott released the video and his book.

    I am an aspiring amateur photographer, so I follow you guys on the various social medias. When I saw Scott’s video, I felt an urge to reply to his tweet to let him know that I give him props for stepping out of his comfort zone. You see, my wife is a born again Christian, but I am a “recovering Catholic”, so I have many questions about the whole faith thing.

    In my tweet I mentioned that I would probably benefit from reading his book, as I never really got warmed up to reading a bible (I love the way Scott writes his books). Next thing I know he messaged me back and told me he will send me a book himself. In my best Joey Lawrence impression I was like “WOW!” We exchanged short DM’s on twitter and he said the book is in the mail.

    Needless to say my wife was literally in heaven when I told her about this. That’s pretty powerful, and you can bet that I will read his book to see what I can take out of it and apply it towards my search for faith.

    I will be moving to Tampa sometime next year, so I hope I get to meet him and have a discussion about this Jesus thing.

    Hats off to all that firmly stand for what you believe in.

    Thank You.

  16. Mark Papke says:

    I think it is great that Scott is standing up for his faith by doing this. It is what God want’s all of us to do but unfortunately many Christians (including myself I am ashamed to say) let there fears control them and stop them from stepping out. I think it is great that someone with his huge following doesn’t let his fears get the best of him. I am sure deep down he is extremely nervous about this whole new journey he is embarking on. This is a great opportunity to reach a lot of people but also as you said opens him up to a lot of criticism. That being said, and I don’t want to sound critical especially before even reading the book, my one concern is the fact that there will be know scriptural references back him up. Even Jesus used scripture in his ministry. Now I understand that a lot of people who don’t believe or are on the fence don’t want to be bombarded with Bible verses they they may or may not believe are true but it is God’s word and the foundation to having a successful relationship with Jesus Christ. I only hope that in the book, even though there are no Biblical references, that he does stress how important it is to read the Bible. There are many so called “Christian” churches that don’t emphasize the importance of the scriptures. Now that that is out of the way I will try to leave my reservations to the side until I get a chance to read it. I am sure this will be done very professionally and respectfully. God bless Scott for doing what many of us are afraid to do. Even though he says this is for agnostics and non believers, maybe it will inspire those of us who do believe to step out of our comfort zones. I will be praying for success, and hopefully if there is a sequel maybe he’ll throw a couple scriptural references in. Keep up the good work Scott, and you too Bill, God bless.

    • Mark Papke says:

      Just curios, what time zone is this website using? It says I posted this at 4:10pm, it was 11:10am when I posted here in NY and all the other US time zones are behind us.

      • admin says:

        I think my Word Press clock is off. I’m on East Coast time, but it is often not the right time!!!!

    • admin says:

      Let me set your mind to rest, there is a chapter section on the importance of the Bible and all the ways in which it can instruct, feed, and comfort us. I think his philosophy is that once someone really starts to get interested t\hat is when they will benefit the most from the Bible. I’ve already read the book, and I think it will have a wonderful affect on those that are searching but have little knowledge about our faith.

  17. Melanie says:

    Bill, I love reading your blog and appreciate your openness in sharing your faith! I am so happy that Scott wrote this book. After watching the video I immediately thought of how many lives will be touched and changed by this book. I have it on my iPad and plan to read it over the holidays. Hope to meet you and Scott at PSW 2013 to say “Thank You” in person!

  18. admin says:

    I will be there as a speaker for the first time, and for many PSWs to come, I hope! I would love to meet you, please find me and let me meet you! Thanks for the kind words! All glory to Him!

    • RobH says:

      That is great news to hear that you will be at PSW ’13, Bill! Hoping to meet you there.

      We have a mutual friend that is on his own spiritual journey and we were just talking about this topic (Christianity, Jesus, etc) on Saturday and then Scott announces his book on Monday. God indeed works in mysterious (and glorious) ways.

  19. I wouldn’t personally describe myself as a person of Faith. I was raised Church of England and am married to a wonderful lady who was raised a Catholic. I’ve traveled extensively around the world and have friends and associates that span all manner or religions and creeds, including non-religious.

    My view has long been that if your beliefs help you and don’t hurt anyone else, then I’m pleased for you. As I respect your right to Believe, I request you respect my right not to.

    Personally, I’m glad Scott has written this book. It’s consistent with his authentic self and, just as his photography and technology books have educated and inspired many, I’m sure this book will do the same. The donation of the profits to the Springs of Hope Orphanage is an embodiment of Scott living his Christian values and I congratulate him for that.

    • admin says:

      I do respect your right to believe or not to believe. If you understood more about my faith you would know that I still would hope you would someday believe. I want the best for everyone, and given that I believe that is what is best for everyone, I would naturally wish it for you, as well. Peace on Earth and good will toward men!

  20. JD says:

    I will be buying several from Amazon to give away this Christmas to some friends I know are missing something in their lives.

  21. Brian Stefl says:

    Thanks for what you do. The storyteller in you keeps me interested and excited. This is a bold move on Scott’s part – one that not everyone is up for – in doing themselves OR participating in the discussion. Risk (or perceived Risk) is pretty scary to most of us, but if no one were to ever take a risk, where would we be? We are all on our own journeys and paths – sometimes at different mile markers. Thankfully, for what will surely be many folks, Scott hit the mile marker for this book much like you have with His Light Workshops. There comes a time when it’s time. Nice try Scott on getting the “already believers” to NOT buy the book for “wanna believers”. Looking forward to the read. Take care Bill. I look forward to seeing you again next year.

    • admin says:

      Me too, Brian, I love your line and you will see I’ve “borrowed it again soon! “There comes a time when it’s time” Love it…..

  22. I have been watching Scott for about a year now (since I first picked up a camera). I would also like to congratulate him for taking this stand and making sure people know the TRUTH! He is and will be a blessing to many.

    • admin says:

      I couldn’t agree more! Scott has been a great friend to me, and has been a real blessing as a brother and in furthering my career. People are just now seeing the depth of his character than many of us that know him well, have observed for a long time! I know he will bless a lot of people!

  23. Eric says:

    Kudos to you, Bill and to Scott. I struggle every day with being more open about my faith.