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I purchaed a Fujifilm X-H1 so I don’t need two X-T2 bodies, so I’m selling my back-up body that has far less frames on it.  Why not keep the back-up? Because Fujifilm gave all X-Photogprahers a X-T2 with our names as the serial number, can’t part with that one, though I’ve shot it a lot, lot more!


Here is the deal, first email saying I want this camera gets it.


It is a Fujifilm X-T2 with low frames, like new it includes a thumb rest, battery drive (3- batteries), a Really Right Stuff custom L bracket, and a Peak Design strap connectors and a $ Elk skin Wapiti strap.


Amazon price for body and Vertical Battery Grip is $2,029.

Really Right Stuff L Bracket is $175.00

Elk Skin Wapiti strap and Pak design connectors $58.

Custon Thumb Rest  $59.


Total New Price:    $2,321.  My Firm Price  $1,200.

I take credit cards,


First email to gets it.




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I just took delivery of my new Fujjifilm X-H1 on Tuesday of last week and shot it exclusively at the SmokiesWorkshop.  Now some thoughts.


Should you buy one?


Yes, IF, you shoot in low light and need to be able to handhold at very low shutter speeds.  To my shock I was able to get tack sharp images in shuter speeds as low as 1/2 second!!!!  First gave me low noise at speeds like 6400 and now this!  It’s a game changer!


Yes, IF, you shoot video and want the most capable video camera yet from Fujifilm, this is the one.


Yes, IF,  you have a need for a camera that is very, very, very quiet, I’ve never hear any one any quieter.


Not Necessarily, IF, you’re looking for more image quality than your X-T2 or X-PRO 2.  Same sensor, same processor, same wonderful quality but not better, except for the 5 stop IBIS.


No, IF, you want the smallest possible body.  It is not much larger and  heavier than the X-T2, but it is larger and heavier.  For me it is not a big deal, in fact I like the slightly increased heft and build quality, but, your milage may vary.



CONCLUSION:   The X-H1 is a tour de force, very well built, smooth as silk in operation and the same great image quality we’ve come to love from the other 24 mega pixel Fujifilm cameras.


So, should you buy one?  That’s up to you, but if you do, my prediction is, you’ll love it!




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Jack an I have a great Badlands tour coming up September 25th to the 30th.  This is a 5 1/2 day tour that we will enjoy the BADLANDS NATIONAL PARK, CUSTER STATE PARK, THE NATIONAL GRASSLANDS, THE BLACK HILLS AND SPEARFISH CANYON, A TORU DE FORCE OF GREAT SUBJECT MATTER

The good news is we have a few spots left!  If interested, please contact Jack Graham and  Here are a few of the great locations we will photograph:



We would love to have you join us!  We will be staying in the Frontier Cabins while in the Badlands!





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Caught this on Youtube and thougt it was touching, and this guy is fantatic, enjoy!




the pilgrim


Dedicated to Jack Graham who play trumpet with the real Frank Sinatra!