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X-PRO 2 news when it arrives!!!!  Enjoying my 70th birthday!




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Photo by Sherelene Fortney, Fuji X-T10 – 56mm f 1.2 @ 1.4

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The much anticipated Fuji X-PRO 2 is now a reality, the full production cameras will be delivered sometime in March, according to the latest word from Fuji, but I will have a nearly, fully production model with the latest firmware in my hands tomorrow!  I had the chance to play with one for a while at Photo Pro Expo this past weekend and was very impressed with the build quality feel, wonderful hybrid viewfinder and appearance of this flagship camera from Fuji.  Nick Coury shot a few images of me while I was on stage at 12,800 ISO and they looked fantastic, (not me, the image quality)!!!


So for those of you out t here that read my blog and are into Fuji, here is what I plan to do with the camera when  it arrives;


1.  Do a comparison test between the Fuji X-PRO 2 and the current  Fuji X-T comparison of the 24.3 mega pixel X-Trans sensor III with the current 16 mega pixel  X-trans II sensor for resolution and detail.


2.  Do a comparison test between the Fuji X-PRO 2 and the current  Fuji X-T1  for high ISO performance.


3.  Compare the current Black and White mode in the X-T1 with t he new Acros film simulation in the X-Pro 2.


4.  I hope to test and compare the auto focus effectiveness , especially in low light.


5.  The optical viewfinder presents challenges when using longer focal length lenses, I hope to determine what is the longest lens you can effectively use on the X PRO 2, and how the wider lenses like the 14mm and 10-24 zoom perform.


6.  I will give a comprehensive summation on how I think the X-Pro 2 will fit into my system and if it might be a good choice for you!  I hope to draw some conclusions about it’s effectiveness for different kinds of photography!


A quick word about DSLR “STYLE” and Rangefinder “STYLE” cameras.  The Fuji X-System cameras are mirror less ands so they are neither an actual Digital Single Lens Reflex or a Rangefinder digital camera.  This is not a bad thing as mirror less cameras have there own set of advantages, many that I have come to embrace and love!!!


The X-T1 is made to operate and feel more like a DSLR, the X-PRO 2,  more like a classic Leica rangefinder camera.  Traditionally the rangefinder type of cameras, which came first, and were the choice of early masters  of photogprahy who mostly photographed photojournalistic style images and street photography. The biggest advantage for that kind of photogprahy of a rangefinders type camera is the optical viewfinder.  Within the optical viewfinder you have a set of “bright lines” that denote where the actual photograph is being made, the advantage is you can see what is going on just outside your image frame.  This makes anticipating what will happen next much easier.  In a DSLR style camera  you only see the frame and cannot see what is happening outside the picture area. Because optical diners tend to be very bright they were often preferred by photogprahers working in very dim light, of course the Electronic viewfinders inner mirror less cameras raise the light level in the viewfinder and are even better at making the scene clear to see, even in very low light.



Stay tuned for a compete report tomorrow!




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Images courtesy Mike Mander  ( & Pocket Lint

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I just got back home from Dave Ziser’s great Photo Pro Expo!  What a great event, with a really wonderful team of wedding and portrait shooters and software gurus.  I had a great time hanging out with Jim Haverstock, Nick Coury and my dear Fuji friends, Jackie and John!  I did a dealer visit with them to Dodd Camera in Cincinnati, another group of great folks!  I was the only nature/outdoor/travel speaker and it was fun to present to photographers that usually don’t do my kind of work, or at least not professionally!  I get energized visiting with these people, in fact riding up the escalator one morning, I looked up and saw the image below, luckily I had my Fuji X100T with me.



I would love to have been able to shoot that image with the new Acros film simulation in the new Fuji X-PRO 2!  If all goes according to plan I will have a X-PRO 2 in my hands Tuesday!  Expect a full review within a few days!  So watch the blog this week for a full review!!!



Back to the Photo Pro Expo.  They have great speakers and a wonderful print competition, and lots of networking among the attnedees.




Have a great Suyper Bowl Weekend and stay tuned!




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SIMPLE, if you want to come to the greatest NATURE PHOTO EVENT in America, act now.  Registration is limited to 200, last year 100 were on the waiting list!   REGI”STER “ON LINE @


We have over half our registrations right now!  Trust me you don’t want to to miss this team and this event.  Hope to see you in the Great Smoky Mountains in late October 2016!    More details coming soon on the website above!




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