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We had a great week in Nova Scotia and truly appreciated Kevin Finch’s efforts and hospitality to his warm and beautiful country!!!  Today on the flights home Jim shared some of his favorites and they were, as always, spectacular!!  He asked me to pick my 5 favorites, which was tough!  I thought I might share a few of my favorite images, not already published.  I have no reason to pick these except they represent the joys of shooting in Nov Scotia,  for me!




I shoot three version of every image with the Fuji X-T1, a Velvia (pumped color), Provia, (close to accurate color) , and a Monochrome with a red filter.  These two, both, did it for me, for different reasons, you can think about them and react if you would like!!




These lobster floats had a very interesting pattern to their ropes and i liked the lines of the stripes in the floats!



With sunrise light, killer color and the tack sharp 90mm Fuji lens, how could you miss!



Same goes for tho orange rope and pilings!



A boat that is past it’s prime was just to much fun to capture and process for affect.



Finally, I just an never resist shooting what people paint on building, and this one was really interesting!!!



….and finally, it may be predictable, but red buildings and a white boat, gotta do it!!!!



Thanks for tagging along this week!




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By-the-way, the two coiled rope shots were with the Fuji X30, a great, compact, carry camera!!


O.K. just for fun, this is the lead image converted to a monochrome in Silver Efex Pro 2.  I put it at the bottom so you would have to scroll back and forth to compare them, each has it’s own qualities, the color shot is all about the color of the hulls, the monochrome all about shapes, yet both work, but which works best?????  You decide.


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We started out the day today in Bridgewater and got a great sunrise reflecting in the river.  Some boats docked near by were our subjects for the first light!





We then started down the coast and I began my experiment with seeing how the Fuji X30 would do, shooting with it for the rest of the day.  I’ll let you judge for yourself, but I was very pleased with the kind of work I was able to do with this $599. camera!!  I think it will be a constant companion and I won’t doubt it’s potential ever again!!  By-the-way, a friend forgot his “L” bracket so I gave him the one I had on the X30 to him, so all these images are “hand-held”!!!  Makes it even more of an impressive performance!









Lastly, when I spoke to the Halifax Camera Club, Monday night I met an amazing man named Doug Murphy!  His ability to see faces in common places amazed me, so I promised him I would try to see faces on my trip.   Now these are not up to his standard, but at least I’m trying,  These are for you Doug!  You  can see his work at:



So one last shot, I processed another  image from Peggy’s Cove, thought I might share it too!!!!






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From a cloudy morning with light mist to a nice afternoon, we shot all day and found some great subject matter!  This morning we worked a lot of fishing gear at Peggy’s Cove and finished off the day with some travel to our new location.  Great group of folks and Kevin Finch put us on some great locations!   Enjoy!!!











Well another day in a great place!




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Here’s looking at you!  I spoke to the Halifax Camera Club tonight, what a nice group of people, thanks my new friends for a warm welcome to Nova Scotia.  We finished up in the PEI today and found a few interesting things, not the least of which was a juvenile red fox that was very habituated to humans!  I suspect he has been getting free meals from the tourists at our last lighthouse stop!  He posed for half band hour!!!  We also found a unique tree decorated with lobster floats, the two shots below came from that road side stop!



At the lighthouse I found a bright red dingy and that was worth a stop!



The lighthouse was in pretty harsh light. but was the only round, wooden lighthouse on Prince Edward Island so you got to try anyway!




We start our Nova Scotia Tour in the morning, I’ll keep you posted!




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