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Another exciting week starts, following an incredible week last week!!!!  Last week was to be my rest week, two workshops in a  row, and then a week off, and then this week’s third workshop of the month. Didn’t work out that way though!  Last week I got a call from my buddy Justin Stailey of Fujifilm, turns out they needed and emergency pinch hitter for the National Sales Meeting in Phoenix and I had to fly out west on Wednesday for a two day meeting and a talk to the 140 member Fuji team.


I really needed a week off, but I couldn’t say no to a friend and I did want to meet the Fuji team, having loved the X system the past few years!  I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say it went fantastic and I met a lot of great folks and made some very important contacts for the future!  The folks of the Fuji team were very impressive people, smart, engaged and very interested in hearing from an “in-the-field” user of their products.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.


This week, in fact in just about an hour, I’m head up to Lynchburg, Virginia to address the great folks Liberty University in an open to the public meeting tonight.  Tomorrow I will spend time with Tim Isaacson’s students before  heading down to Roanoke to meet up with Fred Sisson to do a  Americana workshop there through Sunday!


A minute of praise!  God so richly blessed me last week with the time in Phoenix.  I truly love Justin, and Jackie, and Cy and the other great Fuji folks I got to spend time with.  I saw a lot of great future products which I’m not allowed to talk about, but if you are Fuji shooter there is much to be excited about down the road!!!  I’m so thankful for His bountiful blessings on my life!


I will try to get back on a better blogging schedule this week, it has been no-stop action, but I’m not complaining!




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Probably no one, that is a Fuji fan or user,  is unaware of the newest lens to be released shortly.  The 16mm f 1.4 is yet another of Fuji’s stellar fast lenses.  Joining the 23mm f 1.4 (35mm equiv.), the 35mm f 1.4 (50mm equiv.) and the 56mm f 1.2 (85mm equiv.)  the 16 fills that critical 24mm equivalent spot with real speed!!!!  It is close to the same size and weight of the 23mm, which is to say, in the three bears story form;  “just right”.  The lens I got to shoot at the Fuji National Sales Meeting in Phoenix this week was a late prototype, very, very close to a production lens.


How good is it?  If the production model is any sharper it will have to come with warning label about picking it up, you just might cut yourself!  No, seriously this is one tack sharp lens with gorgeous bokeh at the wide open setting.  The background goes completely dreamy when focusing close at f 1.4!!  See below!



The build quality is top notch, all metal, substantial feel, and the clutch manual focusing ring is a really great feature, that I’ve enjoyed very much on the 23mm and 14mm.   It is a 67mm filter size so it’s back to Bob Singh for yet another polarizer, but hey, I love Bob’s filters, and it’s always great to talk to my brother!!!!



I really enjoyed addressing the 140 Fuji team members in Phoenix, a great group of folks and I saw a lot of very exciting future products, sadly I’m under a non-disclosure agreement, but will break any news when I’m permitted to do so,  however I can tell you to get excited!!!  The Fuji team in Japan has been busy making a lot great products we will see in the future.  Trust me, there is much to anticipate!


I’m thankful for Justin Stailey’s invitation to join them and I plan to stay in touch.  The designers and engineers asked a lot of questions and were very focused on giving us, you and I,  the products we need, very refreshing!!!!  Fuji is doing it the right way, listening to the customer, and then acting on their suggestions!





I’m very much looking forward to my visit with the folks at Liberty University early next week and then on to do a workshop with the great Fred Sisson in Roanoke!  Life does not get much better than this!!!!!  It will though, when I stop in Corbin over the weekend to see Sherelene!




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P.S. Continue to pray for Sue Haverstock, it sounds like she is making good progress, let’s keep lifting her and Jim up!  Thanks to all of you that have joined us in a circle of prayer!

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My dear friend Sue Haverstock had a second surgery on her wrist yesterday.  The surgeon is hopeful that this procedure will lead to a full recovery of the use of her wrist.  The doctor said the procedure had a about 30% chance of succeeding.  My God gets 100% results!  Please join me in prayer for a full, speedy and remarkable recovery for Sue!!  When she does, we will give the glory to God!  Isn’t it great that we can take our needs to Him in prayer!?


I fly out tomorrow to Phoenix to speak at the Fuji National Sales Meeting.  Please mention me when you hit your knees as well, I want to do a good job for them, and I’m looking forward to establishing some relationships with the Fuji folks!  A few weeks ago Jack Graham and I both got notice  they we had been named X-Photographers, and I’m honored and excited to join that fraternity.  Jack and I will be teaching several Fuji X-System workshops next year, check out our new website:


I will continue to blog as I travel, thanks for lifting Sue up, she and Jim are a precious  brother and sister in Christ!




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This week has been a exceptional workshop in the Smokies, perfect spring conditions, weather perfect for the subject matter, and a wonderful group of folks to enjoy all of it with.    Jim and I have really enjoyed this group and we’ve had a great time with them!  For me the most exciting thing to shoot in the Smokies in Spring is the streams and we have been very fortunate to have great water levels and overcast skies, a perfect set of circumstances!  Today we found a set of cascades on the North Carolina side that was flowing beautifully!  The entire group really enjoyed working this stream.


Water has certainly been the theme of this shoot, and God has poured out countless blessings, along with lots of rain, mist and atmosphere!  It is truly a blessing to be here at this time of year!



Below, Rick Coleman shoots the Greenbrier stream!



Wish you were here!




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