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The image above was shot a little while back on my one year plus journey as a Fuji X System user.  I’ve been singing the song of the coming mirror-less  revolution for well over two years.  One of the websites I visit often is the Luminous Landscape, and I was interested to find the video for which I’ve provided a link below.  I have enjoyed the reports provided by Michael Reichmann on his website.  For those of you that have been following my thoughts, you will enjoy this conversation between Michael and Kevin Raber.


I have to be honest, it was good to hear the song I’ve been singing for some time now!  Enjoy!




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I will post through the week from Las Vegas.

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Yesterday’s blog entry was passed along to me by Richard Small, a dear friend who sends me a lot of thought provoking articles,  it really struck a cord with me, but I didn’t write it.  As much as I appreciate that people think I could compose that, it was not my writing. The piece brought up a lot of feelings I’ve been holding in, so what follows is my writing.


1.  We live in the greatest country in the world, because we have spent our most precious treasure to help millions of other citizens of the world.  We’ve given the lives of  our  men and women to assure the freedom and lives of millions of others.  For that we are resented, despised and disrespected.  Even knowing that, those same men and women would give their lives again for others.  That’s America.


2.  People find our mindset hard to understand, it’s pretty simple.  For the most part we are a Christian nation.  While Jesus hung on the cross he looked down and those that brutally crucified Him and said “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”  We don’t always succeed, but we try real hard.  We believe in integrity and character, and we try to live by it.

3.  Anyone who doesn’t believe in real evil, spiritual evil, Satan, the enemy, you pick the name, hasn’t read that some Americans are joining the Islamic terrorist to turn on their own country.  Yes Virginia, Evil and Stupidity are real!


4.   A little advice; If you want to have a good life, make it about someone else besides yourself, trust in God, love those that you are fortunate to call family and friends, and keep your word!  That about covers it.


5.  With all the hell in the world, is there any hope?  You bet, Jesus.




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Headed to Las Vegas for Photoshop World, pray that I’m there for a good reason, no need to go anywhere if you are not going to do a little good.  It’s in God’s hands, it’s always in His hands……..

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With Deep Regret!

Charlie Sheen is 45 and his story is all over the news because he is a substance abuser, an adulterer, sexually promiscuous and obnoxious.

Lindsay Lohan is 24 and her story is all over the news because she is a celebrity drug addict and a thief.

The same can be said about drug addict Philip Seymour Hoffman who died with a needle stuck in his arm.

Something as frivolous as Kim Kardashian’s stupid wedding (and short-lived marriage) was shoved down our throats, while……..

Justin Allen 23

Brett Linley 29

Matthew Weikert 29

Justus Bartett 27

Dave Santos 21

Jesse Reed 26

Matthew Johnson 21

Zachary Fisher 24

Brandon King 23

Christopher Goeke 23

and Sheldon Tate 27

…are all Marines who gave their lives last month for you.

There is no media for them; not even a mention of their names.

They were young men who most likely came from rural America

seeking a chance to better themselves and to serve this country.

Pray for their families…..



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Today Fuji announced the new X30 which replaces the X20, which before that, replaced the X10, and all this has happened in only a couple of years!  Does it appear to be a good camera?  You bet, I started my love affair with Fuji with an X10.  It was so good that I made a huge decision based on the care Fuji put into that camera!  Of course they didn’t stop there and soon released the X Series with APS-C size sensor and the improvement in quality was enormous.  That’s an interesting story, but it does not answer the question, will I buy this camera?  No.  Before you get the wrong idea, I love the idea of what they did with this camera.  It is a great leap up from the original X10 and yet keeps all the best things about that first model.  So why will I not add it to my system?


It appears the camera is going to come in a little under $700. and for $1,295. (which is a lot more),  you can buy the Fuji X100s which is an awesome camera in every way!  Now $600. is a lot of money, but consider this;  You can only practically own a few cameras if you intend to carry them, and if you don’t carry them, they are collectibles, not a photographer’s tool!  If you have a budget of only $700. I would order one today, but if you can stretch it a little the X100s is a lot more capable.  The X30 has a excellent zoom, advantage X30.  The X100s has an APS-C size sensor which is a lot larger than the 2/3″ sensor in the X30, advantage X100s.  The X30 is smaller, not a lot, but smaller, advantage X30.  The X100s has both an excellent optical viewfinder and electronic finder as well, the X30 only an electronic finder.  Advantage X100s!


We could go on, but the answer is simple, buy what you need, nothing more, nothing less!  My guess is you will be a very happy camper either way!




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