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Easter is the beginning of Spring; flowers, blue skies, Easter eggs!  Wow, the colors!  O.K. that is not the kind of color I’m talking about!  Easter is the symbol of a new life, renewal, fresh starts, forgiveness!  Jesus not only changed my life forever, he elevated the color in my life!  By color I mean joy, the joy of His love and forgiveness, the color that family and friends bring into my life.  The rainbow that Sherelene has flooded into my life!  For me Easter and Thanksgiving have blended into one.  I am so very thankful for all He has brought into my life. Wow, the colors!


I pray that this Easter, you are filled with the joy and color that can only come from Him!  He is Risen!




the pilgrim

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Thanks to all of you that prayed for me and my trip to Liberty University, your prayers were answered!  We had a great time with the students and members of the photo community in Lynchburg.   It has been a great time spiritually and photographically!!  So much so that I’m going back and meeting with Jim and raising the idea of a workshop here in 2015.  This is a really great place to shoot, and fantastic people to hang out with!  There are two many great stories to share in one entry so I will do that in coming weeks, but I would like to show you some of the diverse things we shot while I was here with Tim Isaacson!  Above is the Old City Cemetery and these are the grave sites for slaves killed in the Civil War fighting for both sides!  Very interesting history all around Lynchburg!   Below is one of a number of great antique shops!



Downtown Lynchburg is very historic and the old Coca Cola Plant is just one of many sites being restored, there is much to shoot right downtown!



Below several diverse shots all from the Old City Cemetery!








Thanks again for your prayers, much was accomplished for the kingdom!





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I wlll be traveling all day Tuesday and then addressing groups at Liberty University, so this will serve as my Tuesday entry.  Now a little vindication!  If I believe any website, (besides my own), that reviews cameras it is DP Review.  I’ve found them to be thorough and fair.  Thankfully they released their review of the Fuji X-T1 today and I have provided the link below.  I would encourage my readers to check out the full report especially the pages that compare noise!  I think that will settle for once and for all how superior this camera truly is, it’s rating of 84% and the Gold Award makes it among the very highest rated cameras ever by DP Review!


Enough said!  Blessings,


the pilgrim