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Well it’s finished, one of the great dreams of my life, re-discovering of the Mother Road for myself!  I drove 1,769 miles, shot a thousand images, and smiled from ear ear most all the way!!!!  It all started for me some years ago when I watched the Pixar movie CARS with my grandchildren and for the first time actually thought about what the Interstate road system did to rural America, especially on along the route of U.S.66!   For many years Route 66 was “the” road west.  Route 66 wound through the countryside and hundreds of little towns and hamlets survived on those that traveled it’s 2,448 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica, CA.  Then came Interstate 40, it was faster, smoother, and it all but shut down the local economies.  Thankfully many towns have recovered and many small places are now part of America’s favorite road trip, Route 66!  It was s great joy for me to re-live my youth in the paintings and capturing the old neon signs from an era long past.


I did this trip for two reasons, I just wanted to do it, and I hoped there was a tour for His Light, I’m thinking about the tour, it would be a lot of fun, but the logistics would be daunting, lots of driving, but maybe doable.  The joy of trip was more than worth the time.


Today I had a great thrill, I met and had my photograph made with Angel Delgadillo, the father of the modern Route 66 movement!  Born in 1927 he has been one of the biggest movers and shakers to help rebuild a tourist business along Route 66.  For many years Angel has been a barber in his shop in Seligman, Arizona, and today I was trilled, and blessed to meet him!



This man has had more to do with the resurgence of the Mother Road than any other!  I’ve met a lot of famous people, but this was a thrill for me, and what kind, sweet man, he is, a very nice man!!!!


So on my last day I found a lot of great things to share, so I’ll get right to it, but first a correction, yesterday I credited Jimmy Upton for sharing about the old trucks  (in from of red rocks), sorry, but it was another great coach on this trip, Dan Greenberg!  Both guys have really helped me!  Thanks guys!


So here is my favorites of day with three times this many images!!!!



























So finally another shot of my new friend Angel!





Hope you guys have enjoyed my week as much as I have!  off to do workshops for a couple of weeks!!!!




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Another day and more fun on the Mother Road!  Tonight let me share some images in categories;  Old trucks and cars, Classic signs, and other old rusting stuff!  Jimmy Upton put me on these old trucks in Arizona!  Above is the Monochrome version of a shot below in color, can’t decide which I like more, love them both!!!!   Thanks Jimmy!



Then there were more signs and paintings!!!!



…..and finally, this morning I shot the Blue Swallow again in early morning light.  I want to thank Kevin and Nancy Mueller, the owners of the Blue Swallow, they were great, you can bet I will be seeing them again!!!  And thanks again to Rick Sammon for putting me on this great place!!!!





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Oh Yes, a landscape too!!!




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I made it into Tucumcari, NM today and I’m staying at the Blue Swallow Motel tonight!  Had a nice dusk sky and got a shot of the famous Neon Sign!  During the day I hit the mid-Point of Route 66 and made a couple of images below!



A few interesting things along the way!



Tucumcari is known for some great murals depicting Route 66 lore, here were a few of my favorites!



Well gang, I’m tired, more Route 66, The Mother Road tomorrow!!!!!!



Blessings and sweet dreams……


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Can’t wait to share my first day on the road with you, but FIRST, a big, big thanks to the great people of Peoria Camera Club!!!  I met so many great people and we really had a wonderful time at both the club meeting Friday night and the all day seminar on Saturday.  This was a really warm group of folks and they really made me feel welcome , and I really appreciate that!  So thanks again folks, you’re super!


Now today was supposed tone my travel day, and it was, 644 miles today from Peoria to Oklahoma City.  I did get a chance to shoot a few things related to Route 66, so let me share some of those images!  If I didn’t really expect to get much today, and I had this much fun, can’t wait for the next four days!




Sure hope you enjoy these, can’t wait to try it gain tomorrow!!!




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