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Sherelene and I joined Rhonda and Wes and my daughter, Wes’s sister Catherine at the doctor’s office this morning.  The Hematolgist/Oncologist treating Wes said that he has T Cell Lymphoma.  The good news is he is young and strong, and it is in the early stages.  The form he has is quite rare and very aggressive, but the tratment will be an equally aggresive regime of chemotherapy.  Wes and our entire family are ready for the battle and we know God is on our side.  Wes wanted me to be sure and tell all of you how deeply he appreciates your support and prayers and how humbled he is to have such a large family of friends praying for him.


I believe that with faith in Him we can win any battle and that is what we intend to do here. It is at times like this, in life when tough things happen, that you treasure most your friends and family and we are happy to have you all as a part of our family.


Once again thanks so much for the prayers and please double down now.  I promise to keep you posted and expect to be reporting good news!


I send blessings and thankfullness to you,


the pilgrim

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Two things have opened my eyes!   1.  I spend a ton of time on my computer and iPad watching camera, lens, and gun reviews, plus natrue and politics vlogs..  I gain a lot of useful information by seeing what folks out there have to say about things I’m interested in!  2.  I recently be-friended a young man from our town, Alex Thompson a Junior in college,  with his photography, he is a millennial and he knows a lot about things I have little expertise in, and I’m sharing my years of experience in photography with him.


He encouraged me to start Vlogging, making videos about photography.  I’ve watched a ton of them and that was good training, but this is my first effort, so be kind!  If you’re brave enough to c hec it out simply go to You Tube and enter Bill Fortney Phot Vlog inthe search bar.  I plan to do a bunch of these so please come by often and see if you find something helpful to you.  If you enjoy them pleae give me a Like and Subscribe so we can let you know when the next ones are posted.


So please check it out and let me know what  you think, if you like it, I will take suggestions on subjects you would like to see addressed in future vlogs!


  • Special Note:  Wes is going in to see his Doctor tomorrow morning and we are anxious to see where we are, no diagnosis yet, please pray for  him and the family!



the pilgrim