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What is the perfect location to shoot color, graphics and Americana?  Old Car City in White, Ga (45 minutes North of Atlanta)!  36 acres with over 4,000 rustng cars and trucks, most from the 60’s back!   This is a perfect place to craft images of color and design in an easy to access location!  I and k5 students will explore this great location and make a trip down to Duluth, Ga to the Southeast Train Museum, another killer shooting location.


Each day we will do morning and afternoon shooting with image reviews and discussions in the mid-day classroom hours.  If you like rust, this is your place!  Her are some examples of the subject matter we will be working on!



From the Southeast Train  Museum:



So much to shoot and a perfect place to hone your skills!


Join us for this Master Class  –  March 27th – 31st. 2019

 Email me at:  billfortney@earthlink.net

or      billfortneyphoto@gmail.com

 for all the details!


Limited to 5 students  –  1 spot still open!




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