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In Octrober of 2011 I got my first Fujifilm camera, the X10.  I  had shoulder surgery and was  having a really difficult time recovering.  I was an NPS rep for Nikon, approaching retirement in a year and half.  I was at Photo Plus in New York working the booth for Nikon and was looking all around the show for something small and light I could use until I recovered.  Nikon had the Nikon One system, but honestly, though it sold well, I just was not enthusiastic about it.  I went to the Fujifilm booth and saw the newly released X10!  It was perfect, very small, very solidly built, it felt like a Leica and had manaul controls and a very sharp and fast zoom lens that coverd a very respectable range.  I was sold and ordered one from B&H while at the show. I never intended to fall in love with it,  just have something small to use until I could get back to my full frame Nikon cameras.  The deal was done, and I never went back!


The X-E1 and X Pro 1 followed that with the first three interchangeable lenses the 60mm Macro, the 35mm f 1.4 and later the 18-55.  Then the 55-200 and well, the rest is history.  I’ve owned virtually every lens and body from the beginning!!!  X100, X-T1, XE-2, X-T2, XH-1, X-T3 and on and on!  I’ve owned and shot every lens in the XF line except the 18mm f 2.


Why Fujifilm?  Here are some of my favorite images through this 8 years!



Thousands and thousands of images and great memories, captured, because I had a camera with me, a camera that I love and will carry every day, everywhere!!


Enough said!




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