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Please watch this video before reading on……..  I’ve been fighting this battle for most of my photography life.  When I was young, as a photographer, all I cared about was my work being seen, admired, even worshipped!  Man, was that hard to write!  I was insecure, I didn’t like myself that much and I “NEEDED” the approval of others to feel justified for even being on this earth, alive, and functioning.  What a sad state to be in.  You may wonder when I changed as a photographer?  I didn’t.  I changed as a person.  When I realized that God loved me regardless of what I thought of myself, that He gave His Only Son to die for me, so that I might be forgiven, justified and offered a place in His family, that then, finally to become even close to what He always wanted me to be, it was only then that my attitude about photography, and everything else changed.


This is a great youtube video and every photographer needs to not only watch it, but really think about the ramifications of it!  If you want to really enjoy this process of photographing and living, learn this lesson first!


Photo Lesson Number 2



This one is not as serious, but something we all need to remember. Rod Planck said it best, years ago; “Technique beats equipment, every time!”  High mega pixel cameras and large sensor cameras, even medium format, are valuable and have their place.  Making great photographs has a lot more to do with vision, commitment, values and discplined technique.


Think about these things, and be better for it!




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