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We all want to have to have peace and joy in our lives and we all have circumstances that steal those things away from us, but we can still have them anyway!


It starts with this fundamental truth:   There is a God, He loves us, and wants us to have fellowship with Him. We are sinners and not fit to fellowhip with Him, but He provided a solution.  He sent His only Son to die on the cross to pay the sin debt we owe.  If we acknowlege that we are truly sinners, repent of our sins, and accept His forgiveness, we are then worthy to fellowship with our Heavenly Father.


Once that relationhip is established we can be confident that He will guide us, protect us and be with us through all of our trials until we can go home to be with Him for eternity.  There is no “free pass” from the troubles of this world, but their is God’s provision in those times.


Mankind’s biggest mistake is the arrogance to believe that we can fix the problems of the world ourselves.  It is good that we care and try,  but most of what is wrong in this world is beyond our control or efforts to create a solution.  The vast majority of believers that I know had to come to the end of their rope to turn to God for His solution, only then can we truly find the peace and joy we seek.  All of our greatest problems can best be solved, on our knees!




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